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Our latest offering from Korean Studio combines the 7 most popular Korean courses in 1 1. Korean for Absolute Beginners 1 2. Korean for Absolute Be...
49.5 total hours
$139.99 $25
Online Education
$69.99 $14
This course enables the learner to develop their skills in selecting, rehearsing and delivering a monologue for examination, audition, competition ...
43 total mins
Become a magician with no previous knowledge or experience needed. Magicians most guarded secret on how to become a magician fast. Becoming a magic...
2.5 total hours
  Imagine speaking to a classroom or even an auditorium full of students knowing that everyone understands you, remembers your key messages an...
1 total hour
$119.99 $14
Do you feel frustrated when listening to English native speakers? Is it super difficult to understand English native speakers for you? Do you feel ...
49.5 total hours
$119.99 $14
Design an enclosure to match your preferences The main purpose of this course is to teach you how to properly design an enclosure for your speaker....
3.5 total hours
$139.99 $17