Complete Design Thinking Masterclass | eBook included


ALL NEW in 2021 | Design Thinking Masterclass Book – “Design [RE[ Thinking – reimagining innovation for the new normal” |  Andy’s design thinking book in PDF | this book has all the tools discussed in the course shown and you can look at the paragraphs in the book as you follow along with the course content presented by Andy. It’s the best combination of theory and practice put together.


4,5 hours of knowledge packed content in a vlog format for your engagement and convenience!

30 methods fully integrated in the design thinking process

94 resources for you to download including the entire E-Book on Design Thinking worth 30 USD

In this course you’ll learn everything there is to know about design thinking. This is the only course on the market that not only shows the high-level process but also goes through each one of the steps in detail. In this design thinking course you’ll get to work on an actual business case example – we’ll be using design thinking to create the restaurant experience of your dreams. This will allow you to fully understand how the design thinking tools work – we will not only show you the tools but also real examples of the results so that you know exactly what kind of results you should be expecting from each method. You’ll learn design thinking methods focused on business requirements analysis, customer research, problem definition and ideation as well as prototyping, testing and the impact delivery. All in all 29 methods fully integrated together into one design thinking process will be presented to you – after you’ve finished this design thinking course you’ll become a design thinking legend.

In this design thinking course you will learn:

  • how to tackle any design challenge that has been presented to you

  • how to not only do the customer research to fully understand the perspective of your customers but also how to synthesise and use the results

  • 29 methods that are fully integrated creating this unique design thinking process

  • how the entire design thinking process works so that you can use any methods you might already know or even create you own exciting methods

  • how to prepare your or your client’s business for the deliver of the experience that has been designed – no other course covers these aspects

The course is taught by Andy Woynarowski – a charismatic leader disrupting the landscape of design in Europe. Andy is a determinist and an artist as well as design thinking and experience design expert – he combines the worlds of arts and processes, making it easy to understand how the design thinking process works. Everything is explained using a cause and effect methodology – every design thinking process step creates value for the next step. If you ever felt like wasting time, resources and money on a full day workshop as it didn’t lead to anything meaningful and lacked purpose – this design thinking course will cover this exact aspect with diligence and focus. The presented design thinking process is the only one that covers all aspects starting with Design Vision and finishing on the Impact Delivery where the vision is being transformed into reality. If you’re fed up with lack of design impact or think that it’s just about glueing post-it notes to the wall – this design thinking course is the first one that changes this approach.

Andy worked for Deloitte Digital as Head of Service Design capability in Central Europe and currently is the CEO of 99grit – a creative agency combining Experience Design (UX Design and Service Design), Digital Strategy, Design Thinking and Concept Art into one powerful package making a tangible design impact in Europe. He has worked as part of Research and Development Teams, Software Houses employing north of 500 Developers where he’s built the entire Experience Design Team and the design thinking approach from scratch and led the team that delivered the entire creative part of a Digital Transformation project for 25 000 000 EUR.

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