Course Creation & Instructional Design with Apple Keynote


In 2023, we have the biggest audience ever for students taking E-learning, and they need videos that keep them engaged with high CR (completion rate). Instructional Designer is one of the top jobs available and many companies want their staff to know how to make learning videos. Creating learning videos does not have to mean days learning expensive software. Learn in 1.5 hours beginner to advanced tools. Shortly, you will have highly impressive videos for your job or your own courses.

Beyond lesson videos! Create trailers and marketing videos.

This course is not just for courses but any video creation or presentation. You can create videos, animations, amazing text, or even just a text background for iMovie. Animation is easier than you think. Many teachers want to create it on a lower budget with free editing software instead of paying hundreds of dollars yearly- this course is for you. Do not just settle for have boring videos with plain titles using iMovie or other basic software. Create high-quality course lessons with titles, bullet slides, helpful images, beautiful nature videos, and even animated shapes. All of this can be done with Apple Keynote which is free on Mac. Students need more than just a screencast or video of you to learn to their full potential. You will have fun creating it too!

Apple Keynote offers great FREE editing options on Mac, iPad, iCloud, or even iPhone. Speed up slow Powerpoint presentation load times by recording a video. Use as is or watch lectures to merge Keynote video with other software.

Students and YouTubers want cool videos that keep their attention. Learners of Elearning and company training need the correct training style to retain information.

For you, I show you how to make the task of video editing fun not a chore.

You can start editing today. The tools are easy to pick up with the videos. You will have a course that gets great reviews because students love the look. More good reviews mean that it will sell far more. Less marketing for you to do.

I made this course because I know many teachers are like me in not wanting to buy editing software but you still want cool options.

Beyond just lesson videos- Make a demo trailer look professionally made. The trailer is what students will see before buying, and they want to see something interesting before investing time into watching a teacher’s course.

This course will show you how to quickly get started. It is taken at a slow pace with a mouse cursor showing you the process of each tool. Multiple ways of performing each action are shown. We will show you tricks that we learned specific to course videos. We also mention some mistakes not to be made in Keynote for lessons.

We will go over the entire production process, from how to bring in your script, place images and video, create animations, and all the way to how to publish your video with great quality.

Professional software like Adobe, Articulate, Rise, Final Cut Pro, or Camtasia are expensive and complex to learn. Keynote does everything a basic course lesson needs. Keynote is now free for all Macs and Apple products. You will quickly create a lesson that can stand alone or easily have longer videos attached in free iMovie (or other video editing software).

You will save yourself hundreds of dollars per year for the same quality lesson videos you can make in other programs.

Debra is an Instructional Designer, course creator (7), and in-person non-profit trainer and host of local YouTuber Meetups. She has 7 published courses. She has been studying video and sound for 15+ years. She loves motivating others to share their gifts which she shares in this course. She always answers Q’s and looks at assignments.

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Duration: 1.5 total hours