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Welcome to the course Fantastic Freestyles.

You’ve seen freestyle rappers such as Harry Mack and wondered how do they do it? Natural ability? Hours of practice? Magic?

This course helps you to unlock the mystery of freestyle rapping through a range of practical exercises to develop your ability to freestyle rap.

It is divided into three sections: beginner exercises such as counting bars, putting the rhyme on the 4, and reading over a beat; intermediate exercises such as using multi syllabic rhymes (multis), internal rhyme (inners) and using random word generators and then we end by looking at advanced exercises such as building your own freestyle vocabulary, becoming more creative with the way you approach your trigger words and creating your own freestyle walls.

I have tried to develop something clear, practical and understandable, providing you with a practice blueprint to move your freestyle rapping forward, no matter your starting point. All the key components of freestyling are covered within.

By the end of this course, if you practice consistently, your ability to freestyle rap will be noticeably improved and you will be empowered with your own roadmap to take freestyle rap in your own direction. You will be able to wow your friends with an improvised rap, prepare for rap battles or simply have fun being creative with words and rhythms.

I look forward to hearing your fantastic freestyles.

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