How to Make Great Videos – Beginners’ Creative Course.


Making great videos in not rocket science. The trouble is, many How-To-Make Video courses leave the students high and dry, often learning lots about the gear and little or nothing about the creative side. Gear is easy! The creative side, less so.  Lesson-1. It’s not the gear that makes  videos good. It’s the ability to tell stories. Lesson-2. If your soundtrack isn’t good, your video won’t be good. Here you’ll learn what is really important in making great videos, and how to get there fast. I’ve kept things easy to understand, with no unnecessary jargon, and in just 30 lessons I’ll get you from knowing almost nothing, to making videos that people will really love to watch. And that you will love to make! Welcome to getting really good at making videos – fast.

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Duration: 4 total hours