iPhone Photography Crash Course


Don’t settle for “just average” to “good” photos when you and your iPhone are capable of creating truly outstanding photos. You just need to learn the techniques and with my crash course style training you’ll learn them very quickly!

It won’t take you years or even months to learn how to shoot great photos. You’ll be able to completely master your iPhone camera including its hidden features in a little over an hour. Then you’ll learn my easy composition techniques that you’ll be able to put in to practice immediately.

Most people find it difficult to learn photographic composition. In fact, it took me years to learn these techniques from books, classes, research and experience, but you’ll learn these techniques in a fraction of the time that it took me.

That’s because over the years, I’ve found a way to simplify the concepts into easy to understand and follow guidelines. No technical talk or overwhelm here. Just practice my fun and easy techniques and you could see great improvement in your iPhone photography in just a couple of weeks.

Some additional things you will learn:

  • How to take very sharp and clear photos even when viewed on larger screens. Most photos look sharp on the small iPhone screen, but when you view them on a larger screen, such as an iPad, computer monitor or a TV screen they often look fuzzy and pixelated.

  • How to take amazing low-light shots regardless of which model iPhone you use.

  • The difference between quick snapshots and a well-composed photograph. Good composition is the key to great photos regardless of the type of camera you’re using.

  • How to recognize a good photo opportunity when you see it. Most people are blind to the photo opportunities all around them. I hear so many people say, “There is nothing to shoot where I live”. Well, after going through this course you’ll begin to “see” photo opportunities everywhere.

  • You’ll know exactly what to look for when you go out to shoot photos. With my specific guidelines to follow you’ll immediately know if a subject or scene has good potential to be a great photo.

  • How to use angles and perspective to add interest and impact to your photos.

  • How to take better photos while vacationing or traveling. Who wants the same old average photos that everyone else is taking at popular locations?

  • Plus, much more!

This course covers all model iPhones including the latest iPhone 14 models.

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