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Musical Meditations for Guitar – A Simple Beginners System

An Exciting New Approach to Learning Guitar without Theory. 3 Speed Jam Tracks and TAB supplied for each Guitar Lesson.
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You will learn coordination, dexterity and timing.
You will learn how to play guitar without even trying.
You will make music without learning theory, chords or scales.
You'll have 10 Musical Pieces to learn with all music and 3 speed jam tracks provided. These are extremely varied and interesting songs.
You will learn to read TAB
You will learn chords, scales, melody and triads without even realising it
You will find relaxation/flow through playing music on guitar

WARNING. This course is not your usual boring beginners guitar course….

Let me first ask you a couple of questions.

– Do you long for and super easy way to learn to play the guitar? Don’t have time for private guitar lessons with a local guitar teacher?  Do you get easily bored with theory based guitar courses?

– Do you want to just play guitar now and learn the chords and scales later?

– Is the thought of taking guitar lessons impractical even as a beginner? Due to work, time constraints, money or location?

– Did you buy a guitar and never pick it up?

– Are you a busy or stressed ? Do you find it hard to relax? Would you like to ‘switch off’ for a while using music?

– Do you enjoy computer games, competing against yourself to get faster or better? Would you enjoy doing this with real music and not GuitarHero?

– Do you feeling overwhelmed as a beginner guitarist with all the chords, scales, triads, arpeggios etc?

If you answered yes to any of the above then

Musical Meditations could be the Guitar Course for you

The whole concept of this course is to use music, specifically guitar music, to reach of state of mediation or thoughtlessness. To just be in the moment and be free.

Have you ever considered the health benefits of playing the guitar?

You only need to Google the health benefits of playing an instrument and you will find everything from raised IQ, increased happiness to better coordination and an enhanced appreciation of life.

Musical mediations doesn’t concentrate on chords, scales or theory. You only need to read numbers, to TAB. We go over this at the beginning so there is no confusion and a learner could dive straight in. The guitar lessons start off super easy and get harder as we progress.

The course contains 10 Guitar tracks to learn. These are genre less but contain elements of Rock, Blues, Pop, Funk and Classical. They also contain a separate, orchestrated track of trance inducing, hypnotic sound.

All the tracks are professionally recorded at 3 different speeds, so you don’t have to rush or panic. This is meant to be relaxing!

The tracks are also on a gradient and begin very easy, becoming progressively more difficult towards the end.

There is a demo at the beginning of each guitar lessons, with scrolling tab and myself playing the track, followed by an explanation and then a detailed breakdown.

Two HD camera angles covering both hands are shown and TAB is both on screen and downloadable.

So it’s a dream come true, learn without learning! Just be present and in the zone. Immerse yourself in music and enjoy learning guitar without even realising it.

Be free of stress and worry. Switch off your mind to everything but music. Enrol now in Musical Meditations now and get some me time and learn to play the guitar at the same time!



A quick glimpse at what's going on inside the course.

How to read tablature

Reading Tablature Part 1

A section on reading guitar tablature. Essentially, this is the only theory you will need for the course. Many of you will already know how to use TAB and can skip if necessary. But for those who don't, this section is going to be useful. Not as much fun as the rest of the course, but nonetheless necessary.

Reading Tablature Part 2

Part 2 of the Tablature reading section.

The 10 Musical Meditations

Musical Meditation 1 Pramudita (Rhythm)

Into the music with Track 1's rhythm. Here we are in the key of C Major/A Minor and we are outlining the chords of C and G. We also have a separate melody to be shown in the next lesson.

Musical Meditation 1 Pramudita (Melody)

This is the melody section for track 1

Musical Meditation 2 Vimala

Here we are in the key of C Major/A Minor again but concentrating more on a minor (sad) sound. We move between the two note shapes, taken from our triads, of A Minor and G Major. Then up to some different inversions. Next some partial power chords, finishing with the octave of our first shapes.

Musical Meditation 3 Prabhakari

Track 3 is based around our humble E Major Chord. But we are using the E Dominant Phrygian mode from A Harmonic Minor to give us our melody. This creates a mysterious, Spanish type sound. Favoured in Classical music also, it reminds me of travelling through the desert.

Musical Meditation 4 Arcismati Part 1 (Rhythm)

We have a rhythm and a melody for this track. Here we are still in C Major/A Minor key but we are in the Lydian Mode. It has a dreamy and floaty sound to it and is a favourite of players like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. We are working around a chord progression of F major/ Fb5 to A minor/A minor+9, we also have a melody in the Lydian vibe.

Anyone enjoying these sounds and wanting to know more about the modes, should check out my course 'Pure Modal Magic'.

Musical Meditation 4 Arcismati Part 2 (Melody)

This is the melody section for track 4

Musical Meditation 5 Sudurjaya Part 1

This is a funky journey into E Pentatonic Scale and E Blues Scale. Essential knowledge for any Blues Hounds, Rockers or Funksters. Again, it is your choice to learn without theory or check out the summary at the end of the course, to see what you 'accidentally' learned!

If you enjoy this kind of sound, my bestselling course 'Pure Pentatonic Power', would be a good follow up for you.

Musical Meditation 5 Sudurjaya Part 2

Track 5 Part 2

Musical Meditation 6 Abhimukhi

In track 6 we learn some full triad shapes, essentially giving us A minor, C major, G major and F major chords. These are extremely useful. We also have some power chords following the chord progression and then a huge melody in A minor scale, that includes a harmony at the bottom of the PDF. The course is getting a little bit trickier now.

Musical Meditation 7 Durangama Part 1

More full triad shapes, as these are so valuable when playing guitar. This time over the E,B and G strings. Then again into power chords and another melody to finish. This time we have a happy melody in the style of bands like Thin Lizzy, so a Celtic feel and a harmony introduced at the end (included at the end of the Tab).

Musical Meditation 7 Durangama Part 2

This is the harmony section for track 7

Musical Meditation 8 Acala

Track 8 is based around an E Minor add 9 and B7 chords  idea, with a little Neo-classical influence in there. We begin with the chords and then head into a picked part that is based in E Harmonic Minor Scale. This is the prettiest of all the tracks I believe!

Musical Meditation 9 Sadhumati Part 1

Track 9 has a lot going on. We begin with some picked arpeggiated chords based around an A Minor and A Suspended 4th Chords, with a alternating C Major/C Mayor 7th and G Major/G Suspended 4th. We then move into a classic rock technique of moving power chords and diads under a repetitive bass note ( Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Iron Maiden, AC/DC).

Next we have a melody idea with a chromatic descending bass note (Led Zeppelin, Beatles). And we end with a melody using C Major/A Minor key that utilises 4 triads - C, Dm, G, Am.

Musical Meditation 9 Sadhumati Part 2

Track 9 Part 2

Musical Meditation 10 Dharmamegha Part 1

These track starts with a droning string riff, using the E Minor Scale. Using the Low E, A and D strings we create a bass shifting bass note whilst paying a melody on top, giving an illusion of more than one guitar. Very popular with bands ranging from Kings of Leon and The Cult to Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age.

We also have some shifting diads (two note chords/harmony) played, again, over an open string (G), creating some interesting harmonic landscapes. Then into pure power chords, in an Iron Maiden style, finishing with some big open chords.

Musical Meditation 10 Dharmamegha Part 2

Track 10 Part 2

A breakdown of what has been discovered part 1

What was learned Part 1

These videos are to conclude the course and just outline the chords and scales used in the tracks. This part is for those who want to know what they learned and you are not obliged to use it if you are happy without this knowledge.

What was learned Part 2

What was learned Part 2

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