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Learn how to rap by learning how to rhyme with vivid instruction based on the Amazon best selling book series “How to Rhyme” by Jami Jordan. ALL OF THE INFORMATION in “How to Rhyme Vol 1.” as well as in the “Audio Drills” is contained in this one course. So, you don’t have to buy the ebook or the Audio Drills that were indicated in how to rhyme vol.1 if you are getting this course.

The University of Rap video series teaches you the in depth science of sculpturing rhymes like only the best!
There are dozens of courses on how to rap but there has never been a scientific un-bias analyses of this unique skill from a high level practitioner of the craft. Though there are a few exceptions MOST OFTEN you will get a university professor of poetry who wrote a book about how to rap who’s RAP SKILLS, in the least, are never up to par or the average Joe who either has the same lack of real high level rhyming skills. OR you get the rapper who is good but has no credibility as a teacher and or just can’t teach what they know very well. That is the difference between all of the other courses and “The University of Rap”. Here we cover all of these factors in bringing you the best informational course on how to rap of the era.

A lot of emphasis is put on the ability to FLOW when you are learning how to rap. This skill alone is something that many have a hard time achieving. However, this course makes this skill easy to understand. If you want to learn how to rap, #howtorhyme, #howtoraplikearapper, #howtorap like anyone, #howtorap on basic levels, how to rap on very high levels, or how to flow at a very high level than this course is for YOU! You will will learn virtually all of the rhyming patterns that can ever be made through a unique concise teaching systems. You will learn how they are applied in rap and poetry. Through our unique teaching system you will lean the foundation for all rhyming patterns and thus easily be able to comprehend the creation of many variations of them. Mumble artists are HIGHLY advised to join this course. 🙂 Class is now in session!  Enjoy!!

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