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***Please note:  Version 2 of Affinity Photo for the iPad has been released. The interface is almost identical but uses different graphics for the icons, and version 2 has new features. This course contains a wealth of tuition that is directly relevant to Affinity Photo 2, but was made using Affinity Photo 1. I’ve added extra videos to cover the differences plus new features, but I recommend looking at the course sample videos when considering this course.***

Affinity Photo for the iPad is a game changer. There’s never been a complete photo editing software app for a mobile platform, until now. But all that power can be daunting at first, and that’s where this course comes in.

I assume no knowledge on your part, only that you have a copy of Affinity Photo installed on an iPad. With over 9.5 hours of tuition I’ll take you through the basic five steps you should consider when you edit any photo. I’ll give you downloadable photos to follow along with and set you exercises to lock down your new skills.

Then we go through five photos and work each one up from scratch so you can go through the entire process from start to finish and get your workflow locked in place.

Then I’ll take you through more advanced topics like selections, layer masks, layer blend modes, converting images to black and white, dodge and burn techniques, the best way to use filters and adjustment layers, using shapes, gradients and text, why Hollywood selfies sometimes fail and how to correct them, advanced selections, using curves (the professional’s choice, according to some of them…), cloning out blemishes etc.

I’ll teach you about the tools in Affinity Photo. But just as importantly I’ll teach you about workflow and technique – when you use a tool, why you use a tool, and the potential pitfalls of certain tools. I can do this for you because I’ve been a designer for over 30 years and some of the lessons I’ll give you have been heard earned. I also spent some time as a teacher and I’m always asking myself ‘How will this lesson help people to learn? What would help me to understand this concept if I came to it as a beginner?’ Feel free to read the reviews of other courses I offer at Udemy and see what other users think of my lessons. I’m happy to stand by their words.

This course will take you from novice to competent. I don’t teach you a whole load of fancy effects to smother your photos with. I teach you Solid Foundations to build upon. I’ll help you make your photos shine!

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