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Basic Ballet Guide

Learn the essentials of classical dance
Karolina Nowaczek
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The participants will know the basic french ballet terms.
They will get to know the exercises that are part of ballet class.
They will be introduced to basic ballet steps.
They will get to know how to fix common errors and how to maintain correct posture during exercises.
They will warm up effectively using barre au sol exercises.

Welcome to introduction to magical world of ballet dance. This course is designed for absolute beginners. In this course you’ll learn the basic french ballet terms, the positions of arms and feet in ballet, and the basic barre exercises. 

I teach basic Vaganova style ballet, I am dancer at les Ballets de Pologne.



Hello and welcome to my course, I'm Caroline, a dancer at Les Ballets de Pologne, trained in traditional Russian Vaganova method. I will guide you through basics of ballet. We will discuss such topics as basic french terms, arms and feet positions, combinations at the barre and some ballet pas in the center.

 I hope you'll enjoy this course!

Arms and feet posiotions

In this lesson we will learn basic positions of arms and feet, get to know differences between them. 

Positions in ballet

Check your knowledge :)


You should warm up before every ballet class. Ballet is hard and to prevent any injury and to train to the fullest, our body must be warm. The perfect warm up are barre au sol exercises. Barre au sol is barre on the floor, so we do some simple exercises that are done standing but on the floor to slowly let the body warm, the blood circulate faster. We start with basic exercises and move on to some more dynamic ones at the end. We prepeare our body to hard work. 

Ballet Barre Class


Plie is absolute foundation in ballet. Almost every movement comes from plie. Every day dancers start ballet class with plie. So what is this? You can say it's kind of ballet squat. In plie the knees and feet are turned out, the pelvis is parallel to the floor. We must engage abdominal muscles to keep the core strong and in place - above the hips. Also do not let the bum stick out, keep the hipbones in a straight line. Controlled slow bend of the knees is the key in this exercise. Plie can be done in every ballet foot position, but there are differences on how to execute it in every one of them. 


Tendu is second exercise that is a foundation of other ballet movements. It is a straightening of the leg to the front, side or back with straight knee and arched foot maintaining contact with the floor. Remember to do it with your leg turned out - use inner thigh, rather than outside muscles. The most important thing in this exercise is to properly warm up foot and point toes when the foot looses contact with the floor and reaches maximum stretch. Remember to "brush" the floor with your foot, rather than take it simply to the front/back/etc. Keep your foot and knee turned out, the heel should be invisible to the audience.  Tendu is performed from all positions.

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