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Bass Guitar Setup and Stringing: A Comprehensive Guide

The proper way to string, adjust, tune, and set up your bass. Improve the sound and playability of your bass and more!
David Taub
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Learn how to set up your bass so it plays and sounds just how you like it
Learn how to adjust the truss rod, string height, intonation, action, and more
Learn three different ways to properly tune your bass
Learn the proper way to restring your bass
Learn how to get different tones from your bass
Learn tips and tricks to keep your instrument in tune

Would you like to immediately sound better on bass guitar and extend the life of your beloved instrument?

Then grab your bass and let us show you how to improve the sound and playability of your instrument almost instantly!

This course shows you everything you need to know to properly string your bass, as well as how to set it up perfectly and have it playing like an absolute dream.

No expensive or complicated tools needed either.  Just a few simple tools that you probably already have in your house.

Best of all, you’ll save big money because it can cost upwards of $55 or more to have a professional do what you can easily do yourself with the simple, step-by-step instructions you’ll see in this course.

Perhaps your bass does not play as well as it used to … or maybe your bass just wont stay in tune as long as it once did … or perhaps you hear that ugly buzzing sound on certain frets … or maybe your action has slowly gotten higher and higher.

Well, these are all normal things that happen to a bass guitar over time. Your bass guitar, after all, has moving parts that need periodic adjustment and refinement to keep the instrument within specs and playing and sounding like you want.

But why not learn to perform these simple adjustments yourself?  You’ll not only sound better immediately, but you’ll now have the ability to fix any issues on the fly— and save a significant amount of money in the process.

We go over all the tools you need to complete a setup. And we keep it easy, just a few simple tools will get the job done. You will amaze yourself when you hear the difference that a few simple adjustments can make!

In this course you will learn:

-The proper way to string your bass and replace those old strings. When old strings don’t hold their tune and take on that dreadful “dead” sound, they need to be replaced. Every bassist should know how to properly replace their own strings. This is something you will have to do quite often, so you will want to learn the proper procedure because improperly installed strings won’t stay in tune and won’t perform their best. You’ll discover tips and tricks to make this process easy. We literally show you which string is which, how to cut the strings to the proper length, and how to properly wind the string to the peg. You will also learn what to do to new strings to help keep them in tune.  We leave no stone unturned and start from scratch so that no one gets left behind.

-All about truss rod adjustment.  You’ll learn how to adjust the truss rod to perfectly set your bass guitar neck relief. We show you the proper way to perform this critical adjustment.

-How set your bass action. You’ll learn how to adjust the string height to set your bass guitar’s action to your exact preference. If you like your action low and fast, no problem, as we show you how. Or maybe you like your action a little higher, so that you have more room to work the notes — we’ll show you that, too.

-How to set the intonation. You’ll learn how to check and set your bass guitar’s intonation so that your notes sound to pitch where they should.

-Learn three different methods to tune your bass. Why three?  Well, some people find one way easier than another way.  Knowing all three gives you the flexibility to work with your instrument in the way you prefer.

In our bonus tone lesson you will learn about all the factors that contribute to your overall tone. Learn about the volume and tone controls on your bass and how the affect tone. Learn how to get different tones from tonal adjustments. Learn about pickups and how active versus passive pickups affect tone. Go from bright and punchy to dark and muffled — whatever your preference.   You’ll learn how to get various tones quickly and easily.

You will also see a fun bass tapping lesson to introduce you to fretboard tapping. Learn how to get some awesome, unique sounds from your bass. This is a technique that you can really run with and get creative.

Bottom line:  This is a comprehensive course that will give you and your bass a lifetime of playing pleasure.  You’ll also gain a ton of confidence in being able to control your instrument better.  This will translate into advancing more quickly in your playing skill.

Feel free to email us any questions and we wish you the best in all your musical endeavors,

David Taub, Next Level Guitar Inc.

The proper way to string the bass guitar - change those strings!

Stringing the bass guitar

Setting up your bass guitar - The Tools needed

Setting up your bass guitar - The Tools needed

Setting up your bass - Adjust the truss rod - dial in the neck relief perfectly!

Setting up your bass - Adjust the truss rod - dial in the neck relief perfectly!

Setting up your bass - adjusting the string height - set that action!

Setting up your bass - adjusting the string height - set that action!

Setting up the bass - checking and setting the Intonation

Settin gup the bass - checking and setting the Intonation

How to tune your bass guitar - 3 popular methods

Three methods to tune your bass guitar

Bonus lesson on getting a good bass tone and getting tonal variety

Bonus lesson on getting a good bass tone

Bonus Bass Lesson on Fretboard tapping - create new and different sounds

Bonus Bass Lesson on Fretboard tapping with hammer on and pull offs
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