Become a magician and perform a 40 minutes Comedy Magic Show


Become a magician with no previous knowledge or experience needed. Magicians most guarded secret on how to become a magician fast.

Becoming a magician usually takes years of practice. Until you can transform your magic tricks into a fully blown entertainment show, for which you can ask people to pay you money, is usually a long journey.

You have to spend a lot of money to find working magic tricks you can use in the real world for a paying audience. Then you have to invest a lot of time and energy to find a good presentation to build a show.

This course is your fastest secret shortcut ever on how to become a magician fast.

There are some rare magic tricks out there which take almost zero practice time. These are self-working magic tricks that do the magic almost for you where you can fully concentrate on your performance. These magic tricks are so clever that you can almost immediately perform them, even when you have 0 knowledge or experience in magic. Imagine having a complete powerful magic show in six months that is so easy to do, packs small (one bag) and plays big for 1 to a few hundreds.

  • 7 module course (more than 50 lessons)

  • Step by step guide to perform a powerful 40 min. show and become a magician in a few months

  • most of the tricks are available for under 50$, your investment for the whole show is little

  • complete instructions on which bag, cloth and table to use

  • all presentations for each magic trick, jokes and gag lines

Get my done for you show that made my living as a professional magician in the past 20 years and I walk you through step by step with crystal clear video instructions and if you follow along I will guarantee you that you become a professional paid magician in a few months.

Who this will work for:

• If you do not want to spend years of practice and development to be able to start performing magic within a short period of time this is the best shortcut ever. Be a star, a professional magician in a few months. Done.

• If you are someone who is looking for self working magic tricks, that get killer reactions. Almost all the tricks you learn from my full 40 min. Comedy Magic Act are very easy to learn, no previous magic knowledge needed, but still gets amazing reactions and your audience will think you have years of practice. Those tricks are very hard to find and are magicians most guarded secrets.

• If you are looking for a serious second income that has easily the potential of going full time this is for you as well. Or maybe you are tired of your day job and just want to try something completely new then you will love the course as well.

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