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Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better

Become an Effective Communicator And Learn How to Get Your Message Across By Learning Communication Fundamentals
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If you want to effectively communicate with your co-workers, employees, boss, family and friends, then this is course for you! Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better introduces you to the key tools and know-how that you need to effectively communicate in order to build stronger relationships and have better outcomes! In this course you’ll learn how to use the communication process, the various channels of communication and how to recognize which channel is appropriate for which style of personality. You’ll also learn about the power of persuasion and how to utilize multiple persuasion styles, how to work and manage virtual teams, how to communicate cross culturally, and you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging!

What Will I Learn?

  • Identifying and flexing with different personality types, communication styles
  • The difference between formal and informal styles of communication and when to use each
  • How to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver in order to truly understand what they’re trying to get across
  • The power of silence and when to use it
  • How to be persuasive with different types of personalities in order to reach the best outcome

And more!

This course is also full of examples and activities that allow you to practice what you are learning!

Work with me over 6 exercises to develop your competencies and communication skills!

Learning Communication Fundamentals will benefit you professionally as you gain skills and acquire tools that will enable you to lead your team, create a cohesive momentum within your company and become a strong communicator in any situation! This is an important skill for leaders and anyone dealing with a team or people to have in order to create a successful workplace environment.

Communication Fundamentals can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze you need to develop the skills to communicate with different types of people, in multiple situations and you have to know when and how to communicate so that both you and the other party are happy, and that is exactly what you will learn to do in this course! 

This course brings Lorraine’s 25+ years of experience and industry know-how, to you! Her unique teaching style comes from her experience in presidential roles in 7 companies, in 6 countries around the world and through her 7 other premium video courses.

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently and effectively communicate in any situation and environment, and by doing so, build stronger relationships, motivate employees, achieve company goals and reach business objectives!

We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Welcome To Communication Fundamentals

About The Instructor And About This Course

Welcome to Communication Fundamentals!

In this lesson, your instructor Lorraine Wiseman will share her experience as a global leader and expert in communication fundamentals. Lorraine will share the tools you will learn in this course. We will dive into exactly what communication fundamentals are, look at how to communicate within your organization and culturally and gain an understanding as to why effective communicating is so important.

What Is Communication?

In this lesson you will learn about the elements of communication.  We will look at Aristoles version:  ethos, pathos and gogos.

The Process Of Communication

The Communication Process Defined

In this lesson you will learn about communication and receiver interpretation, noise and responses!

Channels Of Communication

In this lesson you will learn about strategic conversations, effective listening, discernment, body language and dialogue.

Formal Communication

In this lesson you will learn about various means of communication including; formal reports, electronics, memos, telephone, face to face. You will learn how to approach each.

Informal Communication

In this lesson you will learn about non-verbal communication methods and how to effectively use them!


Given the situation and message that needs to be delivered, identify the best channel for communication.

Communication Styles

Putting Yourself In The Shoes Of The Receiver

In this lesson you will gain an understanding of preferences:  listening vs reading; detail or overview; and frequency of information required.

Listening Loudly

Listening loudly is a very important part of communicating and there are different ways of listening. It is also important to manage your thought process. In this lesson you will learn how to listen loudly!


In this lesson we will explore open-ended vs closed ended questions; probing questions and level 3 questions!

Communicating Based On Style Of Decision Making

Let's look at different communicating styles based on the style of ones decision making; we will explore the charismatics, the thinkers, the skeptics, the followers and the controllers, in this lesson.

Persuasion Principles: Liking And Reciprocity

Persuasion is a big part of communicating; in this lesson we explore the persuasion principles; liking and reciprocity.

Persuasion Principles: Social Proof And Consistency

Persuasion is a big part of communicating; in this lesson we explore the persuasion principles; social proof and consistency.

Persuasion Principles: Authority And Scarcity

Persuasion is a big part of communicating; in this lesson we explore the persuasion principles; authority and scarcity.

Styles Of Talking

In this lesson you will learn about sharing credit, acting modest, asking questions, conversational rituals, apologies, feedback, compliments, ritual opposition, negotiating authority and indirectness.

The Art Of Persuasion

In this lesson we look at the art of persuasion; establishing credibiltiy, goals on a common ground, vividly reinforce your position and connecting emotionally.

The Power Of Silence

In this lesson you will learn when to use silence as a tool and when silence is destructive.

Being Authentic

In this lesson you will learn how to be open, connect, and be passionate when communicating.

Story Telling

In this lesson you will learn how to use storytelling to: generate action; tell the audience who you are; demonstrate values; foster collaboration and addressing the grapevine, sharing knowledge and leading.

Section 3 Exercise

Match the description to the communication style. 

Section 3 Exercise 2A

Watch the 2 video clips of communications being demonstrated in the following lessons; identify which style is being used and what about that style was effective and/or ineffective.

Section 3 Exercise 2B

Identify which style of communication is being used in this example and what about this style was effective and/or ineffective?

Section 3 Exercise 2C

Identify which style of communication is being used in this example and what about this style was effective and/or ineffective?

Management And Communication Under Pressure

Topics Where Managers Must Be Clear

In this lesson you will learn about organizational structure, financial results, time management and your role and corporate culture.

Leadership: Owning The Responsibility Of Communication

In this lesson you will learn about who takes charge, types of crisis, types of company, communication frequency, personal touch and looking forward!

Qualities To Expect From An Ideal Communications Person

Every company needs ideal communications people, especially in difficult situations. In this lesson you will learn what you can expect from an ideal communications person.

How It Differs In A Crisis Situation

At times in life, crisis situations occur. These are particularly important times to have an excellent communications person handling these situations. In this lesson we will explore how to effectively communicate in a crisis situation.

The Skeptical Audience

At times you will face a skeptical individual or audience. In this lesson you will learn how to handle this type of situation!

Delivering Bad News

It is very important to be a strong communicator when delivering bad news. In this lesson you will learn how to appropriately deliver bad news.

Section 4 Exercise

Given the 3 attached scenarios; how would you communicate the message to those who are on the receiving end? Record yourself with your mobile device. Reflect.

Cross Cultural Communication

Virtual Teams

With technology constantly advancing, businesses today have the ability to hire teams, virtually, from all over the world. In this lesson you will learn about the trails and tribulations that come with hiring a virtual team as well as which practices to put into place to have the best outcome with your virtual team!

Giving The Benefit Of The Doubt

In this lesson you will learn how to recognize when you should be giving an individual or situation, the benefit of the doubt.


In this lesson you will learn how to ensure that your message is being understood.

Being Intentionally Positive

In this lesson we explore the value and benefit of being intentionally positive!

Offer Suggestions Not Critiques

In this lesson you will learn how to effectively offer positive suggestions that will influence an individual to do even better.

The Common Cause Of Communication Breakdown

In this lesson you will learn about the common cause of communication breakdowns and how to avoid them.

Section 5 Exercise

In this exercise; write an email message to your new virtual team where you are the project leader and your team members are in Brazil, Germany, China, Canada and Sweden.

In Summary

In summary

In this lesson Lorraine will review with you, what you have learned so far and what you can take away from this course to successfully move forward as a strong communicator!

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