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Welcome To Communication Skill Masterclass. The Complete Guide to Becoming An Effective, Persuasive & Charismatic Communicator!

**Taught by Best-Selling Udemy Instructors Brandon Hakim & Julian Melanson**


Communication is one of the most important skills in life…

Because our everyday lives consist of a series of communication with other people — whether verbal, non-verbal, or written… we communicate almost every second of our lives.

That’s why the most successful people you know are probably excellent communicators….

They do well in school, secure employment, and often ascend to higher levels in the corporate world. And people who fail to develop communication skills often have stagnant careers and feel stuck.

We all want to develop communication skills so strong that we can communicate effortlessly in any situation, and achieve our goals in life faster.

Communication Skills Masterclass is your way to achieve this.

This course is designed to tackle ALL the things you need to develop powerful communication skills. You’ll learn to communicate and connect with anyone.

You’ll learn a vast collection of communication lessons, like:

  • how to communicate with yourself

  • communicating with others

  • storytelling

  • asking life-changing questions

  • communication through conflict

  • how to make your messages stick

  • communication in intimate relationships

  • public speaking

  • giving advice

  • communication in business

  • and communicating in front of a camera…

Your opportunities in life will expand dramatically after this course, and I’m so excited for you to experience that.

Here’s what you’re going to get…

  1. 107 in-depth lectures (+ new lectures coming soon)

  2. 7+ hours of video content

  3. The Ultimate Communication Workbook

  4. Actionable cheat sheets

And here’s exactly what you’ll learn…

Bust The Communication Myths [Lecture 5-10]

  • The first secret to becoming a better communicator

  • The 3 Monster Myths of Communication that have been sabotaging your chances of communication success.

  • The three truths about communication that most people will never know…

Getting In Touch With Yourself [Lecture 11-18]

  • The real meaning of communication as an insider

  • A simple, natural, but very powerful way to be intimate with your emotions

  • How to communicate as your real self at any moment

Communicating With Yourself [Lecture 19-24]

  • The three simple and surprising principles that are about to change your life

  • Three things you can do to start feeling self-love

  • How to become a master communicator with yourself

Communicating with Others [Lecture 25-30]

  • The basics of communicating with other people that no one really talks about — from body language to eye contact

  • A question you should ask yourself whenever you catch yourself talking to someone

  • How to relax your body when you’re in communication with someone, or in a group

Insider Listening [Lecture 31-35]

  • How to become an amazing listener

  • The world of communication most people don’t even know exists

  • The single trait you need to cultivate to connect deeply with the people in your life

Deep Conversation Mastery [Lecture 36-45]

  • 7 tools you can use to have powerfully deep conversations with people

  • Tools you can use before any big conversation to slow your mind down

  • The 3 Responses of Better Listeners

Getting Your Message Across [Lecture 46-51]

  • Say what you want to say in a way that makes an impact on people

  • Influence someone by being an amazing storyteller

  • How you can use metaphors to creatively get your message across to someone

Storytelling [Lecture 52-57]

  • The four ingredients of a powerful story

  • The secret weapons to making an impact with your words

  • How to find effective materials for your stories

Going Deep with Questions [Lecture 58-64]

  • Ask questions that could change lives!

  • Get to know someone more deeply — and help them see their life in ways they never have before through your questions

  • 15 Power Questions, inspired by the book Power Questions you can use in your conversations starting today

Make Your Messages Stick [Lecture 65-70]

  • 4 Insider Secrets from the book Made To Stick, all about how to make any important message in your life get through to the other person

  • How to come up with unexpected ways to pitch your ideas to make them more sticker

  • Three ways to make your messages concrete and credible

Communicating Through Conflict [Lecture 71-78]

  • How to effortlessly handle conflict in any conversation

  • Learn to communicate in observations, feelings, needs, and requests

  • How to resolve a conflict through a conversation

Communication In Intimate Relationships [Lecture 79-84]

  • The secret to communicating in a powerful way in an intimate relationship

  • Use this tool twice a month and you’ll instantly take your relationship to new heights!

  • How to do one of the most powerful practices I’ve ever heard of when it comes to communication in an intimate relationship

Giving A Speech [Lecture 85-87]

  • How to deliver an amazing speech to a crowd and connect with each person on an individual level

  • Tips and suggestions that can instantly make you a better communicator in front of a group

  • Create your own powerful speech

Giving Advice [Lecture 88-90]

  • How to give a piece of advice so powerful that you can change the life of the person you’re giving your advice to

Communicating on Camera [Lecture 92-101]

  • How to speak naturally in front of a camera to effortlessly engage your audience.

  • The importance of showing your confident and most authentic self on camera and why this is so relevant today.

  • How to create your own unique speaking style.

Communicating in Business [Lecture 102-105]

  • How to communicate with employees and co-workers

  • How to hold a meeting and make sure you come to a meeting prepared

  • How to communicate with your team through online tools like Slack, Trello, or Asana

Just to clarify, my goal is not just to present and give you these lessons like in other courses.

My goal is to make sure you get results that will help you achieve your goals faster in the long run.

I look forward to being with you in this journey towards mastering the art of powerful communication.

Just click the “buy now” button and I’ll see you inside.

To your success!

-Brandon Hakim

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