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Easy Rock Guitar for Beginners

Rock Guitar Lessons for Beginners with Multi-Speed Jam Tracks and Guitar TAB
Guitar Joolz
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How to use power chords in a song format
Pentatonic scales, Blues scales and easy guitar solos
Open chords in the key of E and A
Various riffs using scales in minor and major keys
Techniques such as hammers on, pull offs, slides, bends, vibrato and palm muting
Rock guitar lessons in a band type setting - Guitar lessons have performance pieces/jam tracks at 3 different speeds
A bare jam track where you becomes the band's guitarist
Melodies and licks to perform over rhythm tracks
Various rhythm guitar styles
Natural minor scales, Major scales, triads and inversions

Easy Rock Guitar for Beginners is exactly what it says ‘on the tin’. A finely tuned set of Rock Guitar Lessons for the Beginner Guitarist, bought to you by respected UK based Guitar Teacher and Musician – GuitarJoolz.

It’s simple, it’s fun and you even get to join the band!

This ‘school of rock‘ begins with the very basics of rock guitar and proceeds through 28 guitar lessons. Taking you from a complete beginner to intermediate level in no time at all. Each lesson has a jam track to practise along with so you always feel completely involved, much like private 1 on 1 guitar lessons.

Think of this course as a package of real rock guitar lessons, each containing useful tools to further your skills as as beginner to intermediate guitarist.

As a guitar teacher, when I design a course, it is my ultimate goal to make the guitar lessons feel as close as possible to a real guitar lesson. I draw upon all my resources, lesson plans, experience and influences from the world of rock and blues guitar based music to bring you the best content I can provide.

All jam tracks are provided at 3 different speeds so you will never struggle to keep up. A bare track is also provided so you can actually become the guitarist. This features makes my courses rather unique in their approach. It also makes it a lot more enjoyable, and we all know that enjoyment equals faster, better learning.

You always have something real to practise, never just a scale, or riff, or set of chords left to fly blind with- you are completely immersed and involved from the start.

You have easy to follow guitar tabs on screen with PDF printouts available, HD twin camera angles, demonstrations of all rhythms and lead guitar, easily digestible lessons split into 30 videos, professionally recorded jam tracks with music all composed by GuitarJoolz and you also have the security of over 25 years of teaching experience, so you can relax and know you are in safe hands.

Early lessons cover power chords, simple rhythms, easy guitar riffs, basic chords and slow tempo. As we advance things get a little faster and more complex. Adding techniques such as, hammer ons, pull offs, slides, bends, vibrato, palm muting, alternate picking and many of the styles and secrets of your favourite guitar based rock bands.

We cover basic open chords, power chords with and without a root note, easy guitar solos, melodic and rhythmic concepts, barre chords, triads, inversions, pentatonic scales, blues scales, minor scales, major scales, chords including (9th, sus2, sus4, major, minor, min7th, 7#9), and easy guitar riffs etc. Most importantly, you’ll actually apply everything you learn to real examples.

There is also a section towards the end of this Rock Guitar course that is dedicated completely to easy guitar solos and lead guitar, with four huge rock guitar lick examples to learn in the keys of A Minor Pentatonic and A Major Pentatonic. To be performed over the jam track at a speed to suit you.

Don’t forget that these start off super easy, they are designed as guitar lessons for beginners. They get harder as they go along and by the end of the course you will be at an intermediate level of guitar playing.

So don’t hang about, dive straight into this easy set of rock guitar lessons and get rocking!

Your guitar teacher GuitarJoolz.



A short introduction to the course and it's contents. Please notice, that if necessary, i have provided a guide to reading guitar tablature. It is found at the very end of the course and is taking from my course "Musical Meditations for Guitar".

Easy Rock 1

Easy Rock 1.1

Easy Rock 1 part 1. In this section we will begin to use simple power chords with open string, with a nice easy rock rhythm. We will also begin to use the E Minor Pentatonic Scale to create a basic riff

Easy Rock 1.2

Easy Rock 1 part 2

Easy Rock 2

Easy Rock 2.1

Easy Rock 2 part 1. We now build upon our knowledge of the power chords and add G5 and D5. We also learn the entire E Pentatonic Scale and make it part of the song/track.

Easy Rock 2.2

Easy Rock 2 part 2

Easy Rock 3

Easy Rock 3.1

Easy Rock 3 part 1. In section 3 we extend our power chords, in the style of AC/DC. We have a key change, we introduce A major chord, D/F# and G - a classic combination. And we add power chords without a root note.

Easy Rock 3.2

Easy Rock 3 part 2

Easy Rock 4

Easy Rock 4.1

Easy Rock 4 part 1. Here we have a change of direction and we concentrate on learning some chords. Including Suspended 2nd, Suspended 4th, Add 9 and Minor 7th. We use the plectrum to pick through the chords.

Easy Rock 4.2

Easy Rock 4 part 2

Easy Rock 5

Easy Rock 5.1

Easy Rock 5 part 1. Seriously funky heavy riffs in E Minor Pentatonic and E Blues Scale in section 5. We have 4 different sections or riffs here, starting simply and then adding the b5 Blues note. Also some power chords.

Easy Rock 5.2

Easy Rock 5 part 2

Easy Rock 6

Easy Rock 6.1

Easy Rock 6 part 1. Easy Rock 6 we move into the key of A Minor and learn the A Minor Pentatonic scale. We apply this to a picked melodic riff and in the second half we use power chords without a root note with an open A

Easy Rock 6.2

Easy Rock 6 part 2

Easy Rock 7

Easy Rock 7.1

Easy Rock 7 part 1. A full on power chord workout here in A Natural Minor. We start with a classic rock stomp and move into a heavier "Black Sabbath" style riff, finishing with a faster punky major vibe.

Easy Rock 7.2

Easy Rock 7 part 2

Easy Rock 8

Easy Rock 8.1

Easy Rock 8 part 1. A Van Halen style idea here using Major chords and Suspended 4ths in the key of E Major. Moving into a triad based minor section in C# Minor. With a picked melody section to learn seperately.

Easy Rock 8.2

Easy Rock 8 part 2

Easy Rock 9

Easy Rock 9.1

Easy Rock 9 part 1. In the key of G Major/E Minor here, we begin with a verse riff with picked chords and a happy sound before we move into a darker, heavier sound for the chorus. Two lead guitar melody sections here too

Easy Rock 9.2

Easy Rock 9 part 2

Easy Rock 10

Easy Rock 10.1

Easy Rock 10 part 1. Probably the most tricky of the course here, i wanted to fuse Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix and flash blues in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Angus Young, into one piece. Hold on tight!

Easy Rock 10.2

Easy Rock 10 part 2

Easy Rock 11

Easy Rock 11.1

Easy Rock 11 part 1. And into our lead guitar section here. beginning with a four bar solo in A minor Pentatonic scale. featuring hammers ons, pull offs, bends and vibrato. Rhythm included.

Easy Rock 11.2

Easy Rock 11 part 2

Easy Rock 12

Easy Rock 12.1

Easy Rock 12 part 1. Our second example of a guitar solo in A Minor Pentatonic scale, this time just a little more tricky. Played over the same rhythm track as Easy Rock 11.

Easy Rock 12.2

Easy Rock 12 part 2

Easy Rock 13

Easy Rock 13.1

Easy Rock 13 part 1. We continue the course with the focus on lead guitar, but now we move into the cheerful sound of the A Major Pentatonic scale. Played over a Jimi Hendrix inspired rhythm track.

Easy Rock 13.2

Easy Rock 13 part 2

Easy Rock 14

Easy Rock 14.1

Easy Rock 14 part 1. In are final lesson we continue with lead guitar in A Major Pentatonic over the same jam track as Easy Rock 13, but of course it a little harder and features all the techniques we have been working on.

Easy Rock 14.2

Easy Rock 14 part 2

Tablature Guide

Tab guide from Musical Meditations 1

A guide to reading tab, should you need it. Taken from another of my courses as a bonus material.

Tab guide from Musical Meditations 2

Tab part 2

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