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Hey! Welcome! 

This course is for anyone who knows that one of the keys to growing your business is with Guest Speaking! 

So what does that mean?

  • Guest Speaking is fun and easy to do; done right, you become an expert in your field or niche on your hosts tele-summit, webinar, podcast etc, and you get exposure, list growth and yes…. possibly even clients! 

  • The Guest Speaker Advantage is going to show you WHERE and HOW to be a great guest speaker, all the tools you will need, none of the fluff you don’t 

  • I’m giving you ACTIONABLE steps that you can apply right away, I am delivering as much value as possible you feel you come away with so much knowledge and content you can start getting on online speaking opportunities right away!

  • This course will also give you the toolkit you need to start guest speaking right away

How do I know what I’m talking about?

I’m Jennie Wright, and I’ve been working very hard creating powerful and successful tele-summits, webinars, podcasts and every type of list build you can imagine for our clients since 2012. 

I’ve managed OVER 300 summits, 150 webinars and countless podcasts, and matched OVER 9,000 speakers with my hosts, and managing this many events and speakers taught me the exact and crucial formula to success for guest speaking. I’ve created a proven system to train up amazing guest speakers in very little time so that you can get right to it without delay. 

Can’t wait to share this course with you!


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