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Home Based Catering Business Ultimate Bundle All 5 Courses

The Full 5 Course Program to creating, starting and growing your own home based catering business or catering business.
William Morin
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Begin a home based catering business with little to no starting capital.
Dispelling myths when it comes to starting a catering business from home and revealing the truth to give you the confidence to launch forward.
Identifying your strengths in the food and wine world and leveraging them to drill down on your core service offering.
Licensing requirements and legal commentary.
Identify where to purchase food and equipment for their catering venture.
How to "purchase" catering equipment with no upfront capital.
How to leverage the network you have already built professionally.
Defining you service offering to begin marketing yourself as a professional caterer.
Easily understand and calculate industry standard catering portion size and order quantity math concepts.
Determine how much food to order and how to portion per person perfectly.
How to cost a catering job or a menu item easily and to industry standards using the provided spreadsheet and explanation.
How to communicate your pricing structure to your guest as a per person price or a flat rate price.
When and how to add and calculate the cost of labor into your quote as a simplified per person price or flat rate price.
How to write an attractive menu with descriptors and value added vocabulary.
Ability to customize and attractive looking menu and effectively cost and price the menu quickly and easily for maximum customer value and profitability.
How to use our proprietary menu costing spreadsheet.
Learn how and where to find potential customers.
Understanding the sales process from a hospitality and food service point of view.
Building your own professional and functional business website step by step (incredible value!)
How to create contracts and Banquet Event Orders with downloadable templates and examples.
How to kickstart your sales funnel using the effective, local hiring app, Thumbtack
A step by step, color by numbers, sales script to take your potential client from stranger to high paying customer.
How to properly calculate portion sizes and figure out how much food to purchase.
How to behave at an event to represent yourself well.
Defining hospitality and interacting with customers.
Collecting the money, the payment for the event.

This is the Ultimate package for anyone who want to start their own home based catering business. This is all 5 of my courses in one aggressively prices, jam packed package. Here is what to expect.

Step 1:

In this introductory course I will get you started on your exciting journey to starting your own home based catering business. This is a course to get you started and more content is on the way! In this course you will learn the fundamentals about starting a catering business. In subsequent paid courses for those of you that are sericeous, I teach you how to find and cost and prepare your own catering events to start you off on your entrepreneurial journey. This course is for anyone who has talent for cooking and is motivated to become their own boss, work from anywhere, and live their best life. I have a lot of insights to offer you and more to come.

Step 2:

This section of the course is the first paid module of the program. In this course I will hold your and every step of the way to discovering solutions to the most pressing issues of starting a catering business. How will you find the food you need to purchase? Where will you get the catering equipment? How can you afford all of this? All of this is covered in the first lecture.

The second lecture will teach you to drill down on what your core strengths are so you can effectively define what you can offer to your potential customers and avoid a nightmare scenario that you land a job that you are not able to perform.

The third lecture outlines how you will be able to take payment of the events and also what technology and software you may want to utilize before launching your business.

The final lecture will help you understand your customers and how to better serve them and target them.

This module is incredibly important and will leave you feeling more comfortable with your daring decision to start your own catering business.

Step 3:

This course will teach how to effectively cost and calculate a menu for a catering job or restaurant effectively and easily.

Through this process you will learn how to calculate portions and determine how much food to order for your events for best profitability and simplicity.

I will give you step by step instructions on how to use my super simple costing spreadsheet and hold your hand every step of the way from menu proposal to final per person cost.

Expectations to learn from this course are:

  1. The ability to write an enticing custom menu for your clients using my system and easy to use menu templates.

  2. Understanding of the correct word’s to use to make every menu item seem fantastic!

  3. The industry standard portion sizes and the ability to use that to figure out how much to purchase.

  4. How to use your projected purchases to calculate a simple per person or flat rate price for your guest and for you to know exactly how much money you will be taking in per job.

Step 4:

This is probably the one most valuable module in the entire course and the reason will become apparent very, very soon. In this course we begin with teaching out how to sell. What is the sales process for a caterer? How do you find clients? How to you get these people to trust you and to pay you? How do you market your business? How can you create a website for cheap?

I give you a crash course on how to get your website started and set up in one day!

I also give you a step by step process in creating a valuable Thumbtack profile. What is Thumbtack? An invaluable resource for those trying to get their first high paying catering client.

Through the course and my sales strategy I will show you my perfected sales script so you know exactly what to say and how to say it when you talk to potential clients on the phone or in person or online.

I will also teach you how to draw up a professional event contract called the BEO or Banquet Event Order so you know exactly what the customer is going to get, pay and expect.

Step 5:

This is the final installment of my full course on starting your own Home Based Catering Business. All course steps may be stand alone courses but all together you will be an incredible business owner.

In this course we show you how to clearly calculate how much food to order and shop for. How to set up the events and how to execute them professionally.

A lot of us chefs don’t interact with customers often so this final module is to help bridge the gap now that you are a catering entrepreneur.

Chef William Morin prides himself in delivering his clients the best possible business growing strategies available on the marketplace. He is a New England native and no stranger to the hospitality industry. From high school culinary classes, studying abroad in Italy, to heading up multi-million dollar restaurants. “Billy” is accomplished in the industry.

Celebrity Chef New Hampshire states:

“…our next Celebrity Chef, William Morin! Born and raised in Salem, William was bit by the cooking bug early at the age of 14, working as a bus boy in a local diner. After four years of bussing tables and eventually working the line at the diner throughout high school, William was accepted into the country‚Äôs most prestigious culinary school, the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.”

Billy has been; featured in various New England publications, a Thumbtack Top Pro, teaching Culinary Arts classes and featured in public speaking events.

Billy’s hobby, digital marketing, eventually merged with his Culinary passion and he gave birth to The Morin Hospitality Group. A company dedicated to helping businesses realize their untapped potential in the digital space.

Step 1: Foundations

Myths and Mindset
Evaluating Your Current Situation
Improving Your Image
Legal and License

Step 2: War Map

Procurement Network
Circle Of Competence
Payments and Software
Service Offer Target

Step 3: Menu Guide

Menu Pricing For Profit

Step 4: Stranger To Client

Stranger To Client
Build A Website
17 Minute Website
Banquet Event Order Bible
Thumbtack Mastery
Thumbtack Sales Process

Step 5: Execution

Introduction and Closing Words
Shopping and Preparation
Execution and Service
Collecting Final Payment
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