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How to Rap: Fundamentals

Learn how to rap in 30 days or less with short, simple lessons.
Donovon Jenson
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Write strong, creative, and original lyrics
Recite your lines powerfully and confidently
Freestyle forever without stopping or stuttering
Record Music (Instrumentals provided in the course!)
Craft punchlines to win rap battles

If you’re serious about learning how to rap pick up this course now and I guarantee you’ll improve! ANYONE CAN LEARN TO RAP! (And this course has the tools to get you there)

***NEW: 3 additional instrumentals that you can use for WHATEVER YOU WANT (6 total!)***

This course is about learning how to rap. It will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to becoming a rapper in 30 short, easy lessons. If you want to write rap songs, rap battle, or freestyle rap, this is the perfect course for you. We will cover all the fundamentals and get you prepared for your preferred style of rap in no time.

This course is broken into 3, 10 lesson sections. Each section becomes progressively more difficult, the first section will teach you how to understand rap, the second section will teach you how to start rapping, and the third section will teach you to become a strong rapper. Each lecture has at least one associated exercise to help you build your rap skills. You will not need any materials beforehand, you just may have to search for some of the music you like and want to listen to.

The course is designed so that each lesson fits easily into a day. Ideally, you should be able to complete this course spending less than 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days. If you want to go faster than that, you absolutely can.

Don’t be afraid! Anyone can learn to rap. You don’t need to come from a specific background or be born a certain way. Just like any other skill, all you have to do is learn the fundamentals and practice. And, just like any art, all you have to do is tap into your creative spirit and create what comes to you. There are no set rules for content, only general guidelines for how to structure it.

If you want to learn how to rap, quickly, this is a great place to do it. You’re going to get a really strong founding in the fundamentals so you can develop and grow into the best rapper you know. There’s no cheap or easy tricks here, just concepts and exercises to build your natural talents.


What to Expect & Course Outline

Introduction & Course Outline
Rap Fundamentals E-Book (79 Pages)
FREE Instrumentals (Courtesy of Blk Market Beats)

Free instrumentals available for download upon course purchase. Use them for whatever you want!

FREE Instrumentals (Courtesy of Dirty Work)
Free instrumentals available for download upon course purchase.

Use them for whatever you want!

The Absolute Fundamentals

Why Do You Want To Rap?

This lesson will ask you why you want to rap and help you tap into the reasoning and motivation behind learning this art form.

What kind of rap do you like?

This lesson will help you discover which aspects of rap you like and explain how you can explore the talents of other artists to improve your own rap skills.

Start Now!

This lesson will help you overcome your fears. You cannot learn any talent without starting! Regardless of your skill level or starting point, it's ok to accept where you're at and start from there.

Counting Syllables

This lesson will teach you how to count syllables and break up words into sounds. This is the absolute most basic piece you'll need to know to start building lines and will be a key component as we dive into more complex rhyming.

Counting Syllables Quiz

Make sure you know how to count syllables

Writing Couplet Lines

In this lesson you'll learn how to write lines as couplets. This is important for how to rap because most rap is written in couplets. You'll learn about how many syllables to put in a line as well as how to build couplet lines.

Couplet Lines Quiz

Identify Couplets

Perfect Rhyming & Rhyme Schemes

This lesson is about perfect rhyming, the type of rhyming you're most familiar with. It also covers rhyme schemes, which will help you map rhymes into your verse and understand the structure of other verses.

Identify The Schemes

This is an exercise helping you to understand rhyme schemes. Answers are provided.

Counting Bars & Rhythm

This is a description of what bars are and how to count them. By the end of this lesson you'll have the resources to know how to count bars yourself and how they fit into the writing of rap music.


As you learn how to rap, you'll get a serious of exercises to help you out. This is an exercise that I've seen work for many rappers to quickly increase their skills. After this, you should understand how the exercise works and how it can help you develop your rap skill quickly.

Freestyle - Anything!

This is the first lesson on freestyle, emphasizing that you start. By the end of this lesson you should be trying to freestyle and starting to understand how it works.

Overcoming Doubt & Using Feedback

This lesson is dedicated to helping you build confidence in your rap skills. Overcoming doubt and feeling comfortable is absolutely important in art. This lesson will also teach you how to use feedback effectively to grow as an artist.

Developing Starter Skills

Finding Concepts

This lesson covers a few areas where rap artists are likely to find inspiration. It also gives different themes that you can use to create your own music and helps you expand your current style preferences.

Poetic Spirit vs. Technical Skill

This lesson considers the differences between skills you learn and your actual being as you become a rapper. Some things can be taught, but your essence is your own and you're the only one who can bring that into existence.

Internal Rhyming

This lesson explains how to rap with internal rhymes. There are some examples of how rappers use internal rhymes. It also gives you ideas for how to add internal rhymes in your own verses.

Slant Rhyming

This lesson covers how to use slant rhyming in your raps. It also breaks down the concepts behind slant rhyming so you understand why things are or are not slants.

Slant Rhyme Quiz

A quiz to help you understand how slant rhymes work.

Vocabulary, Word Choice & Imagery

This lesson covers how to pick good words while you rap. Each word is important and makes a difference in how your art is percieved.

Delivery - Tone, Confidence, Memorize

This lesson we start to cover ideas for how you can quickly improve your rap delivery. Lyrics are important, but it's also important to give those lines a strong delivery.

Delivery - Breath Control & Pronunciation

This is the second lesson where we cover ways to improve your delivery. There's also specific exercises for how to improve these rap skills quickly.

Song Fundamentals

This lesson gives the outline of a rap song. By the end of this, you should understand how to structure a rap song and be able to put one together yourself.

Freestyle - Rhyme Base & Backup Phrases

This is another lesson about freestyling. Now that you've learned many of the other skills, this lesson emphasizes rhyming and how to continue freestyle rapping to long periods of time.

Freestyle - Cyphers & Surroundings

Another lesson on how to freestyle rap. This lesson emphasizes the fun of cyphers and the ultility of using your surroundings to keep rapping longer.

More Advanced Skills

Literal vs. Figurative Language (Similes & Metaphors)

This lesson explains the difference between types of language. By the end of this you should know how to rap with more complex language and create your own similes and metaphors.


This lesson explains wordplay and teaches you how to use double meaning wordplay. By the end of the lesson, you should understand how to make your own rap wordplay.

Multi-Syllable Rhymes

This lesson is about multi-syllable rhymes, also called complex rhymes, multis, or compound rhymes. This is a more advanced rhyme technique, but absolutely essential as you learn how to rap.

Multi-Syllable Rhymes Quiz
Battles & Punchlines

This lesson is about how to battle with other emcees. You will learn what a punchline is and how to craft them to attack your opponent. This is a great starter for those who want to learn how to rap battle.


This is a lesson about how to tell engaging stories. Since many rap songs contain stories, it's important to understand how good storytellers work. After this lesson you should understand how to write a story.

Developing Flow

This lesson explains what flow is in rap. Flow is a huge concept that is extremely important and can define an artist. After this lesson, you should understand how to expand your flow styles and exercises you can do to keep improving your rap flow.

Freestyle - Rhyming Ahead & Using Beats

This lesson covers a great strategy for freestyle rapping longer. It also covers what adjustments you need to make when freestyling over an instrumental and gives you ideas for how to improve those skills.

Freestyle - Opposites & Themes

This lesson gives you a mindset strategy for increasing the length of your freestyles. The more ideas you have, the longer you can freestyle rap.

Finding Beats & Recording

This lesson teaches you how to record better and also where to find instrumentals to make music. This is a very basic overview of how to record but you should feel comfortable with your phone or home setup after this.

Putting It All Together

This lesson reviews what you've learned so far in how to rap. There is a focus on understanding your progress and ensuring you feel comfortable rap battling, freestyling, and knowing how to write a rap song.

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