Japanese Sake -All You Need to Enjoy the World of Sake-


This course is for anyone who wants to broaden his or her horizon through being knowledgeable about Japanese sake. This can be a comprehensive first lesson for sake novices and also a good material for refreshing knowledge of intermediates.
As finishing this course, you will have comprehensive understandings on sake and be able to enjoy Japan’s classic and unique drinking culture without hesitation. You’ll be able to talk about sake to friends, choose, taste, and serve sake right, and ask for exactly what you want at a restaurant or bottle shop.

Japanese sake is drawing great attentions internationally. UNESCO designated Japanese cuisine as world intangible cultural asset in 2013 and the awareness of Japanese foods and also sake is rising. Many wine professionals are now involved in sake and sake competitions have been taken place worldwide. It is certain that sake will or has already been one of the major drink options all over the world. Sake is like a new international language, when you speak it, it will definitely helps you have better social communication.

Koji Uenoyama:  A sake certified sake expert (Kikisakeshi, Sake Sommelier 2012 by SSI) and has been active in sake industry especially as a bridge between sake in Japan and international world of sake.

Sake School Osaka (2013-)
Founder. Sake tasting and learning session for international visitors to Japan

Hana Sake Bar (2017-)
Management. An international sake bar in Osaka. Appeared in New York Times.

Sake World Cup (2018-)
Founder and main organizer. A tasting event of “sake made OUTSIDE Japan.”

Sake Brewery (2018-2019)
Former employee of Daimon Brewery. Joined their reborn project as a new project leader. Engaged in launching new products, sales and marketing, managing the brewery restaurant

Arkansas Sake Project (2019-)
Translator, advisor to a sake project in Arkansas USA.

A member of “Walk in US, Talk on Japan (2017, 2018),” a government-run cultural exchange program. Chosen as a international sake expert.

Osaka-Kansai EXPO 2025
Chosen as one of the key persons to promote Osaka to the world and appeared as international sake expert in the city’s introductory video for the final presentation of its campaign. Osaka won and the event will take place in 2025.

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