Jazz and Blues Made Easy


Want to add more jazz and blues style of playing to your repertoire?

This course is an excellent place to start if you have some experience playing the piano but would like to move into the Jazz and Blues Style of playing. In this course you will begin by brushing up on the basics:

  • piano chords

  • comping

  • bass lines

  • improvisation

    Each chapter covers a topic completely so that you can watch it over and over until you are ready to move on at your own pace! Topics include:

  • the 12 bar blues progression

  • rhythm techniques

  • chord voicings

  • blues basslines

  • bassline approaches

  • comping chords

  • improvising over the blues

  • creating licks

  • coupling exercises

  • licks with bassline

  • creating your own composition

  • fills, runs and endings.

    After you have learned each exercise you will be able to easily put it all together and transition what you have learned to other songs in your repertoire.

The bassline pattern that you’ll learn in this lesson is critical. Not kidding, you will use this technique for years to come. I┬ástill use these concepts on gigs to this day.

I’ll see you inside the course!


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