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Keynote – Presentations on Apple Mac

Learn how to create engaging animated Keynote presentations on your Apple Mac.
Colin Marks
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Create engaging presentations on your Mac
Add animations to objects to make them come to life
Create multiple slide types with ease
Add text, pictures, videos and shapes to your presentation.
Mac OS X tips and tricks to improve speed and efficiency
Gain confidence in delivering presentations

This Apple Keynote course is designed to bring you through all the stages of creating a keynote presentation that you will be proud to show and confident enough to stand and deliver.

This course is ideal for anyone who aspires to create presentations that can be either delivered to an audience or to be exported to video format.

You will create a presentation following the step by step video tutorials. We will learn how to enter multiple slide types and learn the different types of slides that are available for selection.

In this course we will cover the following topics

  • Slide selection – You will select slides based on the content that you need to include.

  • Entering text in slides- you will learn how to enter and format text in slides and text boxes

  • Enter and edit pictures on slides.

  • Create tables and charts to display data in an easy to view format.

  • Add animations to objects and text to make them stand out within the presentation.

  • Apply transitions to slides so that each slide looks like it merges with the next with ease

  • Run a presentation on a screen, projector or monitor

  • Export a presentation or part of a presentation to video format

You will also learn how to share a presentation so that you can allow others to collaborate with you and to create one presentation.

At the end of this course you will be able to create a full presentation with Apple Keynote and deliver it with confidence.



Getting Started with Keynote

Welcome Lecture

This lecture is a quick welcome for students who have enrolled in the course. just to give some information about myself and the course.

Downloading Keynote

In this lecture we will look at the step by step process to downloading Apple Keynote form the Mac App Store. This is for any students who need to download Keynote. Keynote may already be on some Macs.

Apple Keynote Overview

This lecture will focus on the overview of Apple Keynote, we will look at the layout of Apple Keynote and where elements are positioned on the screen

Getting the resources

This lecture will contain the resource material needed for the entire course, you will be able to download the material and use it to follow along with me while I am showing you how to do elements of the course.

Creating Presentations

Getting started with Slides

In this lecture we will have a brief overview of the make up of a slide.

Adding slides to your presentation

In this lecture we will look at adding slides to your presentation, slides will be the boiling blocks of the presentation

Adding text to slides in your presentation

This lecture will focus on adding text to the slides in your presentation.

Working with bullet points within your presentation.

This lecture focuses on bullet points in the presentation, we will look at adding slides containing bullet points.

Saving Keynote presentations.

This lecture will look at the procedure for Saving your keynote presentation with a meaningful name.

Photo slides

In this lecture we will look at entering photo slides and how to add photographs to them.

Replacing Photos

This lecture will look at replacing the placeholder photo that Apple have placed on a slide with one from your files. this method allows you to be able to add a photo that isn't in your photos application.

Running the Keynote Presentation

Now that we have a bit of content added to the Keynote presentation, we will look at running it for the first time.

Tables in Keynote.

This lecture will focus on adding tables to the keynote presentation

Table options

This lecture will focus on the settings that can be changed to enhance the look of your tables in Keynote.

Charts in Keynote

This lecture will look at adding charts into your keynote presentation, we will look at the different stages involved in adding the chart.

Interactive charts

Interactive charts are very similar to normal charts in Keynote, but have some slight differences, in this lecture we look at how to insert and use an interactive chart.

Chart Options

This lecture will look at the different settings that can be changed to enhance the look of your chart in Keynote

Text Boxes

Text boxes allow you to be able to place text anywhere in your presentation, they can be formatted like any other piece of text. In this section we will look at entering text boxes and the way they can be edited and placed in different places.

Adding Shapes in Keynote

Shapes can be added to a presentation  to enhance the look of your slides.

Picture options

Pictures that are placed in Keynote can be edited and changed to create a nicer look, in this section we will look at the different options that can be put in place to enhance the look of pictures.


In this Lecture we will look at comments and also an outlook on the rest of the course.

Creating Presentations Practice Exercise

This Lecture is a practice exercise to allow to to put all the skills that you have learned in this section into practice. Download the practice questions and there is only one file needed for this as you will create the file when you are doing the exercise.

Master Slides

Master Slides

This lecture will look at master slides, it will explain what mater slides are and how you can use them to enhance your presentation.


Keynote animation

In this section we will look at adding animation to objects and text in our presentations. Animation will make the presentations come to life.

Slide transitions

Transitions are animation that is placed between two slides, when one slide is going to the other one within the presentation it ill give a nice looking special effect.

Bonus Lecture

Bonus Lecture
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