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Learn How To DJ – Beginner DJ Lessons

How to DJ with your ears? Hight quality content - 27 years worldwide experience, proven copyrighted curriculum
Sam Skilz
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Learn How To DJ for Beginners
DJ Courses for Beginners. Learn the skills to dj with your ears.
Get ready to start your first gig with no pre-recorded dj set.

This masterclass course is dedicated to anyone wanting to learn how to DJ with NO LAPTOP, USB ONLY. Be ready to DJing in the club, or just pick up a new hobby, I will teach you in class the fundamentals of beatmatching, mixing, and blending etc… No matter your music tastes or background, I will give you the skills you need to start DJing today!

My name is Sam Skilz, and I’m going to show you how to DJ at the highest level starting from scratch.

I spent over 27 years building my DJ technique, starting from vinyl turntables and moving all the way up through CDJs & DJ Denon Prime. I’ve been passionate about dance music since I was 15 years old, and a professional DJ since I was 19!

International Producer, DJ & GaGa record label owner. Sam Skilz is from the generation of artists who breathe, eat and think house music. His unique blend of straight house, mixed with tech, driving bass lines and anthemic vocals, shape his trademark sound. Sam hit the spot #42 in TOP 100 House Artists Of The Year 2014 By TRAXSOUCE.

Sam productions have been signed with major labels like Sony Music, Virgin Records, Wagram and Warner Music.

2014 was an exceptional year for Sam with his major project of Skilz DJ Academy based in Luxembourg. The School teaches the creative process of making music at the highest level, with expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities. The Academy becomes so quickly recognized internationally and attracts students from all over Europe.

Section one cover all the basics how to dj. Step by step…

– 3 Easy Steps to get started.

– BPM & Tempo Basics

– How To create your playlist

– How To Setup Cue Point On CDJ Player

– 3 lessons about the beatmatching with NO Laptop.

Section II:

– Time Signature and Phrasing part I & II.

– Mixing in Key & Harmonic Mixing

More to come…

DJ Beginner Course - Start Deejaying


After a short presentation of myself, I will show you the 3 basic steps to get started with deejaying.

BPM & Tempo Basics

Lets say, we have a track with a tempo of 120 BPM, this means that it contains 120 beats per minute.

Within almost any type of dance music, a bar contains 4 beats, meaning that every 4 beats of music a new bar will begin. In fact all DJ software playlist creation programs (such as Rekordbox and Engine) don’t only display grid lines for the beats, they also give an indication for where new bars begin.

I will show you all these details in this video DJ Lesson.

How To Setup Cue Point On CDJ Player

The most prominent and most used controls on the CDJs are naturally the play/pause and cue buttons at the bottom left of the players. Play/Pause is straightforward but it’s worth learning how the cueing system works on CDJs.

Once you place your cue and start to play, if for any reason you hit “cue” again, the song will jump back to where that cue was placed. For example: if the cue was placed at the beginning of the song, and you play 8 or 16 bars and hit the cue button again, it will jump back to the beginning – and pause the track.

Many DJs use this function to test out a new track as they’re bringing it in, tapping on the cue button in time with the downbeat to see if the songs are aligned and everything sounds good.

Creating Playlists with Rekordbox

Learn How to create playlist using Free software Rekordbox

Lesson including:

1- How to download & install the App

2- Creating Playlists

3- Testing & Reading Tracks IDs

4- Updating Ids

5- Related Tracks

6- Setup Cue Points

7- Creating Folder (Multiple playlists)

8- Exporting playlists to USB Stick

How To Beatmatch - Part 1

Beatmatching technic is a big self achievement. 3-step program that will help you learn to beatmatch by ear quickly and effortlessly.

The course consists of 3 videos easy-to-digest modules that explain the details in a live demo. At the end of each module, you get specific practice items that you need to master before advancing to the next step.

By the end of the course, you will be able to play your first DJ set beatmatched solely by ear – without looking at the decks' BPM counters or the track waveforms!

How To Beatmatch - Part 2
How To Beatmatch - Part 3

Beginner DJ Lessons Part II

Time Signature & Phrasing Part I

Time Signature & Phrasing. An aspect of beatmixing.

Phrasing In DJing, also called stage matching, refers to alignment of phrases of two tracks in a mix.

This allows the transition between the tracks to be done without breaking the musical structure.

Time Signature & Phrasing Part II

Time Signature & Phrasing Part II.

Harmonic Mixing with Rekordbox

Understanding the Mixing in Key and Harmonic Mixing. Using the Camelot Wheel and Rekordbox.

Rekordbox 6.0 - What's New?

Pioneer DJ launched Rekordbox 6. Featuring a full graphical overhaul with a new accompanying iOS app, Rekorbox now features more library sources and the ability to sync the library over four devices.

However, amongst these welcome updates is a change to the business model. With no one time purchase available anymore and existing licences not being carried forward, let’s find out what the new subscription-only version of Rekordbox has to offer!


  • 3-band colour waveforms

  • Light option (day mode) skin

  • Ableton Link support

  • Auto relocate

  • Cloud Library Sync

  • Mobile Library Sync for use with iOS App

  • Inflyte Integration

  • Centralised management for various sources of music

  • New subscription model

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