Making DJ Edits, Mashups & Remixes in Ableton


Being a DJ in the 21st century means that you need to be creating your own music, growing your profile and giving you unique tracks to play in your sets however getting gigs, managing your social media and promoting yourself takes up so much time that you just don’t have the time to learn how to produce right?

With music production you need to learn the software, understand how to create a whole track from scratch and come up with your own individual sound – that’s a steep learning curve!

This course has been designed differently – I’m going to teach you what you need, when you need it. We’ll be learning how to create unique edits, mashups, transition tracks and bootleg remixes for your sets and along the way you’ll be learning all the features you need to get you started with producing in Ableton.

We’ll start of easy by just creating a simple track edit, taking a radio mix and extending it for you to play in your set. This will give you a basic introduction to Ableton, learning just the features you need to make that edit – meaning you’ll have something you can use in your sets after the very first section!

After that we’ll move onto making transition tracks and mashups, introducing more features of Ableton as we go so that you’re not overwhelmed but you’ll be surprised about what you’re picking up.

Then finally we’ll be creating a bootleg remix, using all the skills learnt in the previous sections to create a track that is mostly your own work.

By the end you’ll be amazed by how many different skills and features of Ableton you know, all throughout creating music that you can play straight away in your DJ sets!

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