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Mixing Masterclass: How To Mix Vocals In Logic Pro X

Learn the fundamentals of mixing hip-hop and rap vocals through this simple and fun step by step process
Kia Orion
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Mix rap vocals from start to finish
Learn how to EQ vocals and what to listen for
Learn the basics of compression
Tips on how to improve workflow to save time and be more efficient
How to avoid the most common mistakes that beginners make


Ever wonder how artists make their music sound so good? It’s all in the mixing. Even when big musicians are touring on the road and recording in hotel rooms they sound professional because their engineers are so good. 

I can’t promise that after this class you’ll sound like Drake. BUT I can teach you the basics so you’re one step closer to getting there. With over 10 years of experience mixing, recording, and writing records I’ve put together the complete beginners guide to mixing rap and hip-hop vocals.

Who Am I?

My name is Kia Orion, and I started my career in A&R at Island/Def Jam Records in Manhattan. Since then I’ve spent the last four years coaching high school and college age students on engineering, artist development, songwriting, and how to make it in the music business.

I’m currently a freelance creative in Philadelphia where I teach, engineer/release music, run a podcast, and shoot videos. If you’d like to see more of my work message me on social, which can be found on my profile.


What’s Special About This Course?

I’ve taken my fair share of tutorials and online classes over the years. There are some amazing resources out there. However, I never felt like I received the support that I was looking for from either the instructor or the students.

That’s what’s different about this: You’re not alone.

CREATIVE CONTACT is a community of creatives, artists, and engineers who will be enrolled in this class with you.  

Once you sign up for the course you will be given access to other class members and you’ll get lessons and support from me personally.

There will be specific times each week that I check in and offer tips, give feedback on projects, and answer your questions. You’ll have a chance to share your projects with peers, too. This is an opportunity to network with like minded individuals and hone your skills. There will be designated times where you can get your music heard by others in the class, which is a great way to improve quickly and get support in real time. No one learns in a vacuum.

I understand that it takes time, practice, and constructive feedback to continually improve. This isn’t a one and done deal. If you’re serious about stepping up your mixes you’ll need another set of well trained ears to help you get there.

I’ll also bring in experts and other established artists to give their advice and critiques to projects every week. I’m a real living breathing person (for the most part) so if you have questions and message me on social I’ll actually respond.


So, what’s next?

There are so many lessons I picked up over the years and through my time behind the scenes in the music industry that have helped me immensely and I’ll share them with you throughout these courses.

One of the biggest gems I’ve learned is this: Do it yourself.

No one is going to care about your music as much as you do. If you have the DRIVE to succeed and the HUNGER to develop your craft you’ll be able to make it. This is the era of no gatekeepers. No excuses. So what are you waiting for?

Mixing is a skill that is incredibly marketable and distinguishes between an amateur and a professional level sound.

I’m not saying you’ll become a rockstar overnight. But with what I teach you in this course and the persistence to apply it you’ll be that much closer.


Who is this course for?

This class is designed for engineers who are starting out and want to hone their craft, producers looking to expand their skill set, and artists who want to elevate their mixes.

As an artist one of the best skills I ever learned was how to mix. You have COMPLETE control over how your music sounds out and it’s an incredible service if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time hustle.


By The End Of This Course

By the end of this course you will know how to properly mix rap vocals using: EQ, Compression, Reverb, Distortion, and the theory behind each. I walk you through each step of the way and use tactics that can be applied to any DAW.

I want to be clear. This isn’t about shortcuts. This isn’t about secrets. This is about learning the fundamentals. Then applying them to your own work and taking your career into your own hands. These are tried and true methods I have learned through countless tutorials and recording sessions over the years that I wish someone had taught me at the beginning.

Check out the course preview, and if you have any questions please shoot me a message at kiaorionmail@gmail.com or on any social platform. This class is to the point, easy to understand, and FUN. I look forward to working with you and helping you take the next step in your creative process! LET’S GO.



What are they? Why they are/aren't important and will you need any for this course?

Organizing The Mix

First Things First

In order to keep your sanity it's important to keep everything organized. We'll do a quick run down of how to improve your workflow to save time down the line. 

Set Your Levels

Initial run through of the track and determine where to begin

EQ and Clean Up

Intro to EQ. What's the point?

A brief overview of EQ and why it's important to tackle it first.

EQ the main vocals

The EQ lesson on the main vocals. 


Intro to Compression
Applying Compression to the Vocals
Parallel Compression


Adding Reverb to the vocals

Spice It Up!


How to add slight distortion in order to get your vocals more pronounced.

Haas Effect

With this small trick you can get a wider more full sound.

Mixing the Doubles & Adlibs

Doubles & Adlibs Lesson

Course Review & Thank You!

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