Music Theory Level 1


This source will teach you the basics of music theory.

There are 13 high-quality videos with animations, voice-over, piano sound, and sound effects.

In addition to notes and music symbols on the staff, I will use the piano keyboard to show and play through the concepts. However, the source is relevant for any musical instrument.

Table of Contents:
– Video 1: Music notation basics

– Video 2: Notation of notes in the treble and bass clefs

– Video 3: Notes on the piano keyboard

– Video 4: Rhythmic values

– Video 5: The major scale

– Video 6: The minor scale

– Video 7: Key signatures and the Circle of Fifths

– Video 8: Accidentals

– Video 9: Intervals

– Video 10: Triads

– Video 11: Diatonic triads

– Video 12: Four-part chords and diatonic four-part chords

– Video 13: Relative and parallel scales

In addition to the animated videos there are the following downloadable materials:
– Diatonic triads and four-part chords

– Interval chart

– Major and minor scales

– Notation of notes in the treble and bass clefs

I hope you will enjoy this beautifully animated course on music theory, and learn the basics of music theory.

After this Music Theory Level 1 course, you will be ready for the Music Theory Level 2 course, which will be available soon.

Let’s get started…

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