Performing Your Music with Ableton Live


Being in the studio is one of my favourite things in the world, I have my coffee, my plugins, a few hundred soft synths. It’s a beautiful place where my ideas connect with the physical world, where air moves around, based on my instructions, to create something that sounds like music. If you’re lucky!

The only thing I miss sometimes is that connection with the outside world, where other people can get a sense of the enjoyment I get when listening to my music. So it seems more action is required, we actually need to gather-up our gear, go outside, and start performing live. After all, a live performance situation is the perfect place to share these moments with a crowd, and if you’re lucky, get a glimpse of the emotion that they are feeling when connecting with your music.

To perform live is not an easy task though, even with software that’s called Ableton “Live”. The main reason for this is that there are literally hundreds of different methods to perform. Ableton gives you everything you need, but you need to find your own path in the countless possibilities and approaches.

On top of that, you also want the software to serve your, often very specific, needs. Do you want to play a live instrument? Do you want to focus on effects? Do you want to re-arrange your tracks on the fly? This course aims to share you an insight into all the different methods of performing.

Over the years I’ve tested lots of different approaches, controllers, software and techniques, and I’ve gathered a lot of useful information along the way. Usually when I see a course on Performing Live I’m learning the techniques that are specific to the course author, it’s mostly about the tricks that they like to use to perform their own music. However, in a lot of cases you want to find your own way, your music might sound very different and requires a new approach, or perhaps you want to experiment with live recordings and instrumentation as well.

What you will learn

In this course I’m showing you all the different methods available to you in Ableton: I talk about creating a traditional DJ set, I talk about playing Instruments live, I talk about performing complex music, Live Looping, Transition Techniques, iOS Devices, MIDI, Scripting, Ableton Extensions and much much more.

After working your way through this 3.5 hour course you will have a deep understanding about Ableton, and how it interfaces with all sorts of controllers, via Python Scripts, MIDI CC’s, Custom Text Files, or even over a WiFi network.

Additionally you will receive an Ableton Template, including stems to practice with. You’ll get a bunch of thoughtfully designed Audio Effect Racks, and you’ll get an instrument rack which allows you to play along with your own music on a MIDI keyboard.
After showing you all the different ways of communicating with Ableton in a live situation I also share lots of practical tips on how to blend your tracks together to create a continuous stream of music, this is also where I explain my own liveset, and the methods that I chose from all the different techniques that we’ve talked about.

So, long story short, this is the most complete course you’re going to be able to find on performing live with Ableton. You can challenge me on this and receive a full refund if you are able to find something more in-depth and/or complete! So, yeah, let’s dive in!

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