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Pure Rock Guitar – Play Guitar Like the Gods of Rock

Learn to play rock guitar in the style of your favourite rock bands, rhythm and lead guitar, 3 speed jam tracks and TAB
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Have tons of fun learning Rock Guitar Songs and techniques. Lead guitar, melodies and rhythm guitar.
Gain a better understanding of how to use scales to create lead lines.
Play more interesting chords ideas and rhythms, up and down the guitar neck.
Develop new skills by learning hammer ons, pulls off, bends and slides and when to use them.
Learn to Rock out with 10 Jam Track songs at 3 different speeds plus a bare track where you become the bands guitarist!
Develop a deeper understanding of what is involved in rock music and rock music song writing
Play professionally constructed solos and rhythms designed especially to help you learn things you need as a rock/blues guitarist
Use patterns to add riffs to chords and shuffle blues patterns
Peak behind the curtain to learn the secrets of the rock greats
Feel like a real musician with "real" time jam tracks
Play guitar like ACDC, Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Queen, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath
Jam a great variety of styles within the genre

Pure Rock Guitar is a huge and exciting guitar lesson package featuring 10 Rock Songs in the style of your favourite Rock BandsAC/DC, Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy,  The Kings of Leon and The Beatles. Here you will learn to play rock guitar just like these world class bands!

I have used my 25 years of experience as a guitar teacher and touring/recording artist to capture the sound and style of the heavyweights acts to the best of my ability. Authentic riffs and guitar solos. Designed very carefully to teach you many things that are common in the rock genre.

Chords, riffs, rhythms and guitar solos are all explained in great detail. Downloadable MP3 jam tracks are yours to keep. They come at 3 different speeds plus a bare track without guitar. You have TAB onscreen and PDF documents of the tablature for both Rhythm and Lead Guitars to printout. The PDF’s also contain the chord charts.

You have nearly 5 hrs of full HD Video with twin camera angles at your disposal for learning. Everything is broken down slowly, note by note in close ups. There is no guesswork.

All rhythm and lead guitar parts are also demonstrated and you have a full play though to watch at the beginning of each chapter, for rhythm and lead guitar. I design my video guitar courses to feel like private guitar lessons. Similar to one on one situation. The best way to learn guitar, especially for beginner guitarists. I feel I have captured the vibe here and in my other courses.

Get involved, enrol now and ill see you in there!

Pure Rock Guitar : Play like the Gods of Rock Introduction


Just a quick hello and a short introduction to get you ready and firing on all cylinders!

AC/DC Style Chapter

ACDC Style Rhythm Guitar Part 1

After completing this chapter you will be able to emulate a very convincing Angus Young and will have a good idea of how he simplifies his open chord shapes to create truly powerful, yet melodic and memorable riffs. Remember for each bands style you have all the TAB and the Jam Tracks at 3 speeds plus a bare track where you are the guitar.

ACDC Style Rhythm Guitar Part 2

ACDC style rhythm guitar part 2

ACDC Style Lead Guitar Part 1

Here you will use A minor pentatonic scale and A dorian to solo over the ACDC Style track. This could also view this as a mix of A minor pentatonic and A major pentatonic (The Blues mans secret sauce).  Time to get those fingers moving right from the start of the course and attempt some of these double stop bends.

ACDC Style Lead Guitar Part 2

ACDC style lead guitar part 2

Queen Style Chapter

Queen Style Rhythm Guitar Part 1

Drawing influence from songs such as "Tie Your Mother Down", "One Vision", "Hammer to Fall" and " Dragon Attack" we have some powerful chord rhythms centred around the A,D,C,G chords and the signature A6sus4 sound. Then we move into some heavy low string riffs using A pentatonic with some chromatic movement.

Queen Style Rhythm Guitar Part 2

Queen style rhythm part 2

Queen Style Lead Guitar

Triumphant and melodic A major pentatonic/A major scale based lead work in the style of Brian May. With some influence drawn from "We Will Rock You".

Led Zeppelin Style Chapter

Led Zeppelin Style Rhythm part 1

An example of Jimmy Page's songwriting style, using E pentatonic and E blues scale to create a pushy and meaty blues riff similar to the songs like, "The Ocean" or "Black Dog". We also have, some big jangly chords, and a tasty bluesy solo that jumps between E and A keys over the E and A7add13 chord backing.

Led Zeppelin Style Rhythm part 2

Led Zeppelin style rhythm guitar part 2

Led Zeppelin Style Lead Guitar part 1

Tasty blues licks here using the open string E blues scale, shifting into the key of A for some more classic blues licks mixing both major and minor pentatonic. Then we climb up the fretboard chromatically into the higher E pentatonic scale shape to finish with some bends and a traditional blues style run down.

Led Zeppelin Style Lead Guitar part 2

Part 2 of the Led Zeppelin style guitar solo

Kings of Leon Style Chapter

Kings of Leon Style rhythm guitar part 1

I have tried to capture the "King of Leon's" sound by using an E major triad backing on the low strings with a higher melody on top, performed by the second guitar. The same idea continues as the rhythm guitar shifts to chords in E. E major, Esus4 and A major, then switching to the relative minor and using a C#min7 to Asus2 idea.

Kings of Leon Style rhythm guitar part 2

Kings of Leon style rhythm guitar part 2

Kings of Leon song melody guitar part 1

Here guitar two plays a melody over the backing using the E major scale, some higher triads inversions and droning open strings.

Kings of Leon song melody guitar part 2

Kings of Leon style melody guitar part 2

Thin Lizzy Style Chapter

Thin Lizzy Style Guitar 1

Guitar 1 of this dual guitar study, the magic of the Thin Lizzy sound. Guitarists Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Gary Moore, John Sykes and others created some of the most beautiful twin guitar harmonies in rock history. I have done my best to stay true to their sound. We have a bluesy intro riff using minor and dorian scales with a harmony guitar, a single note harmony in a higher register with inverted thirds, some crushing power chords and a powerful blues lick influenced by "Emerald" as a finale!

Thin Lizzy Style guitar 1 part 2

Guitar 1 part 2

Thin Lizzy Style guitar 2

Guitar 2 plays the higher harmony and lower harmonies creating that classic twin guitar attack. In places the track is quite fast and intricate.  It may require a lot of practise, just work slowly at first and build up speed. Always go for clarity before tempo and a clear, precise technique.

Pink Floyd Style Chapter

Pink Floyd Rhythm Guitar part 1

Using the key of F# minor/D major here, i have done my best to create an epic chord progression in the style of Pink Floyd. Using songs such as "Time", "Comfortably Numb" and "Another Brick in the Wall", as a influence, we start with a dark minor sound and then switch to the major key for the chorus.

Pink Floyd Rhythm Guitar part 2

Part 2 of the rhythm guitar for the Pink Floyd style track

Pink Floyd Lead Guitar part 1

Sweet melodies that closely follow the chord progressions using minor, blues, pentatonic scales and triads. Big bends, here we go one and a half tones. Double stops and wide, controlled vibrato. All the things David Gilmour is best known for.

Pink Floyd Lead Guitar part 2

Part 2 of the Pink Floyd style lead guitar

The Metallica Style Chapter

Metallica Style Rhythm Guitar part 1

High energy chugging on the low E string here. Palm mutes, alternate picking, fast down picking, power chords and nasty notes. Using the b5 from the Blues scale and the b2nd from Phrygian mode (you could also see these as diminished), we get some authentic metal sounds.

Metallica Style Rhythm Guitar part 2

Part 2 of the Metallica style rhythm guitar

Metallica Style Lead Guitar

Rapid fire E blues scale/E pentatonic scale licks here. Using two pentatonic shape boxes simultaneously, i.e stretching over 6 frets and using our little finger to dip into the higher shape.

The Beatles Style Chapter

Beatles Style Rhythm part 1

Two sections here, drawing influence from songs like, "I feel fine" and "We can work it out". Section 1 includes a simple 1,4,5 chord progression using dominant sevenths that transitions into a more psychedelic minor vibe for the second part. With guitar 2's melody layered over the top.

Beatles Style Rhythm part 2

Part 2 of The Beatles style rhythm guitar

Beatles Style Melody Guitar part 1

Here i am using single note lines to suggest suspended 2nd and 4th chords over the B7, A7 and a chord inversion over the E7 in the major/happy sounding part of the backing track and opting for higher triads inversions over the minor/psychedelic part. This is particularly challenging.

Beatles Style Melody Guitar part 1.2

I broke The Beatles style melody 1 into two lessons as it's both long and complicated, this is part1.2

Beatles Style Melody Guitar part 2. Alternative melody

Melody part 2 is an alternative melody to play over the B7, A7, E7 chords.

Rolling Stones Style Chapter

Rolling Stones Style Rhythm Guitar part 1

Sloppy 12 bar blues with the laid back grooves of Keith Richards, shimmering suspended chords and some cool bluesy riffs combining major/minor sounds. Some new chord techniques here that will prove invaluable!

Rolling Stones Style Rhythm Guitar part 2

Part 2 of the Rolling Stones style rhythm guitar

Rolling Stones Lead Guitar part 1

Country style unison bends, major and minor pentatonic mixing and some lovely harmonised double stops using 6th intervals.

Rolling Stones Lead Guitar part 2

Part 2 of the Rolling Stones style lead guitar

Black Sabbath Style Chapter

Black Sabbath Style Rhythm part 1

Crushing bluesy power chord riffs here featuring the b5 note of the blues scale, or "el diabolous en musica" as its was once called! The tritone creates a feeling of unease and a need to resolve, hence it works well for the heavier rock songs! ...... Also some lovely slippery pentatonic riffs here and some howling unison bends.

Black Sabbath Style Rhythm part 2

Part 2 of the Black Sabbath style rhythm guitar

Black Sabbath Style Lead part 1

An epic solo here in the style of Tony Iommi, natural minor scale is mixed up with the blues scale to recreate the style and build atmosphere into the lead guitar.

Black Sabbath Style Lead part 2

Part 2 of the Black Sabbath style lead guitar

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