Speak Like a Pro: Public Speaking for Professionals


If you get nervous about giving presentations or leading meetings at work, this course will help you speak up powerfully when it matters most. And if your public speaking skills are holding you back in your career, this course will give you the tools you need to speak like a leader.

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to speak clearly and confidently to move your team and your career forward.

In this practical Udemy course, you’ll discover how to get your message across and influence others with presentations that make people want to listen. I’ll help you plan your next presentation step by step, from analyzing your audience and discovering your bottom line to organizing your thoughts and improving your delivery. You’ll practice speaking off the cuff and learn tools to manage your nerves under pressure.

I know you’re busy, so we’ll laser-focus on the essentials: no fluff, no filler, just the most transformative and effective exercises I’ve developed over two decades of coaching thousands of clients worldwide to overcome anxiety and deliver powerful presentations.

You’ll graduate with a communication toolbox jam-packed with practical, actionable tools you can use immediately to give more persuasive presentations, lead better sales calls, ace that “hallway ambush” with your boss, share ideas in meetings and 1:1s, and get buy-in from colleagues and business partners.

Specifically, this course will help you:

  • Connect with any audience and make them care about your message

  • Get your point across without rambling

  • Master the art of sounding natural and conversational (while secretly being well-prepared)

  • Organize your ideas into easy-to-remember frameworks

  • Think and speak on your feet, even in stressful situations

  • Influence listeners with powerful stories

  • Make your body and voice work for you rather than against you

  • Manage your anxiety when the pressure’s on

And if public speaking makes you nervous, take heart. On one hand, I’m a presentation coach who’s helped thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and employees, both at startups and large organizations like Salesforce and Google, tell powerful stories and deliver effective presentations.

But I’m also an introvert who spent 20 years terrified of public speaking, despite teaching college courses on the subject and presenting on a daily basis. And I can tell you that public speaking is truly a skill that anyone can learn.


***** “Worth the investment! If you’re debating which Udemy public speaking class to invest in, stop searching now, and get this one. Jennifer provides immediately applicable, confidence-boosting speaking tips in this easy-to-digest course. In a super short amount of time, she packs in a ton of game-changing information, but without it feeling overwhelming. Just from simply taking the class, I feel more pumped to put these skills into action in my next meeting.” – Anna S.

***** “In my opinion, no matter what your level – beginner or advanced, you will get away with practical tools that you can implement immediately in your next public interaction. My favorite takeaways were ‘Punctuate with silence’ and recording myself on audio was a game changer tool.” – Calif G.

***** “As the sole proprietor of a design firm, my least favorite part of having a business is selling my design skills to get new clients. Jennifer offers wonderful tools for dealing with presentation anxiety, etc., like, ‘pivoting the spotlight away from one’s self and toward the audience’, ‘4-square breathing’, and how to “get pumped before your next presentation’. I will definitely be trying all of these next time!” – Stephanie G.

So let’s get started!

Enroll today to master public speaking and transform your presentation skills!

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the 3 Cs of effective public speaking.

  2. Recognize why analyzing your audience is so important and when it should occur.

  3. Determine the most effective way to prepare for a speech or presentation.

  4. Discover strategies to structure your content so you can connect with your audience.

  5. Identify best practices for storytelling in your presentations.

  6. Identify delivery strategies related to eye contact, body language, pace, and filler words and what they help you achieve.

  7. Define the PREP Method and when you would use it.

  8. Name concrete techniques for conquering presentation anxiety.

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