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The Birth and Journey of a Song: A Songwriting Masterclass

Grammy nominated artist and music producer guides students through songwriting, recording, and music publishing.
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To create and record songs that sound competitive in today's music market, with an understanding of how to generate revenue and royalties from those compositions.
Navigate the maze that is today's music industry and put all the moving parts into a cohesive strategy for success.

Tom Marolda is an iconic songwriter, musician, record producer, engineer and music publisher who has appeared on more than 50 albums either as an artist, producer or composer. He has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and has worked on gold and platinum albums with artists such as Cher, The Bee Gees, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Rod Stewart, Kurupt, Dr. Dre, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi and many more.

Besides writing and recording songs for a variety of major TV shows, from America’s Next Top Model to the Theme Song for the CBS INSIDER show and Smallville, Marolda also has songs in many major films including “STAYIN’ ALIVE” starring John Travolta, “DAYS OF THUNDER” starring Tom Cruise, “ONCE IN THE LIFE” starring Lawrance Fishburn, “CARMEN” starring Beyonce Knowles, “O” starring Josh Hartman, and “ROCKY BALBOA” starring Sylvester Stallone to name a few.

Tom is here to give you guidance over every aspect of a song, from its birth and along its journey to the ears of listeners.
Tom has taken his years of experience, knowledge, and expertise and put it into a single Master Class.

You’ll learn the hallmarks of great songwriting and the tricks that the pros use to captivate listeners. Tom will walk you through a recording and mixing session and you can see exactly what he does to achieve sound quality that will be competitive in today’s music market. You’ll also learn about income streams and what steps you can take to make monetize your songs once you’re ready to share them with the world. 

The journey of a song from its inception through to its release is a harrowing and windy road to navigate. There are so many moving parts, so many mountains to climb, hurtles to jump and directions to travel it can leave an artist feeling like they don’t know the way forward.

This course will help you navigate the maze of the music industry and will aid you in gaining the knowledge you need to propel your career forward. 


Course Overview

What is "The Birth and Journey of a Song"?

Richie Sambora's Songwriting Tips!

Tom speaks with legendary singer-songwriter and guitar player Richie Sambora, on the language of music and the hallmarks of great songwriting.

It's All About The Song

Finding A Title

Understanding the concept of a song and what kind of conversation you're having with the listener. 


The pros and cons of collaboration and it's importance in the songwriting process.


How to think outside the box when it come to writing lyrics, and how to express yourself in a way that is meaningful to the listener.

Playing With Words

Get the gears turning with creative changes to otherwise common parts of speech.

The Process

Define and understand your process to maximize your output and quality.

Hook Line & Sinker

The Hook Matters

What makes a great hook and why it is so important to songwriting success.


What does a captivating melody consist of? 

Breaking The Rules

They're more like guidelines than rules really...

Adding A Twist

Reinventing the wheel can be as simple making a single change.


Preparing For The Studio

What steps to take to maximize recording efficiency. 

The Click Track

Achieve a competitive sound and the ability to execute better edits and effects through the use of a click track. 


Your environment and mindset does matter when it comes to performance and you need to put yourself in an optimal place to achieve your best.

In The Studio


Record a song with Tom! 


Complete mixing walkthrough with first hand look at Tom's process.


What is Mastering?

There's a lot of talk about it but what is mastering, and how is it used? Time to dive in.

Audio Restoration

How to restore and enhance previously created audio that may contain errors or imperfections. 

Stereo Enhancement

A brief overview of Stereo Enhancement.

EQ and Loudness

What is EQ and how to we use it properly? EQ should create a balanced playback on any device.

Sequencing and Spacing

What is Sequencing and Spacing, and how is it used? 

Live Walkthrough

Let's put what we've learned to good use! Watch Tom behind the controls as he masters a new track.


Social Media

If you're not using social media to promote your music and your brand, you're doing it wrong. Today social media is currency for new artists and songwriters.

The One Sheet

It's a must have for new artists and songwriters. How to create your one-sheet, what it's for, and how to use it.

Your Website

All artists and songwriters should have a great website that represents them and generates interest. Let's talk about how you can do it right with minimal time investment.

The Music Connection

Let's take a look at a great resource for exposing your music and connecting with people who can help progress your career. https://www.musicconnection.com/


What Should A Manager Do?

There's a lot of misconceptions about what managers SHOULD actually do. Let's find out what works best and gets results.

Fernando Costa: Reynolds Management

An in-depth discussion with Fernando Costa, a representative at Reynolds Management. Reynolds Management is a premier management company working with artists such as Imagine Dragons, The Killers, and Postal Service.


What Does A Publisher Do?

Let's look at what a publisher's job description is, and how you can benefit by working with a publisher, or becoming a publisher yourself.

Mar-Tune Music

Let's talk with Marty Wereski, founder of Mar-Tune Music Publishing and long time friend of Tom, to get a glimpse behind the curtain of the publishing industry.

Generating Revenue

Performance Rights Societies

The first step in protecting and generating income from your song. 

Income Streams

An in-depth explanation of the 13 ways in which songwriters can earn royalties from their musical compositions. 

Record Labels

Domo Records

Learn from Eiichi Naito, head of Domo records and label for the Grammy winning artist and 18-time nominee, Kitaro.

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