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This Life Coaching training enables you to become an International Happiness Life Coach a
In order to receive official Authentic Happiness Life Coach Accreditation students should be prepared to practice the course material for a minimum of 30 hours
Authentic Happiness Life Coaching Certification Program provides you with the Scientifically proven coaching skills and forms that you can use immediately i
Use the Workbook and the Forms provided here (Over 30 Client Forms Ready to be Printed) to help yourself and / or your clients
Provide a full set of new researched based tools to yourself and your clients from the newly established field of Positive Psychology and Authentic Happiness.
Improve your Life Coaching Skills and include new Scientifically Proven Tools for personal and business clients
Develop yourself into an Accredited Happiness Life Coach and set yourself and your clients for success
Increase Your Confidence and Credibility by using our proven tools, processes and carefully designed client forms
Included Additional Supporting Material: Positive Psychology Books, 1000s of Pages of Research Material and Access to, Coaching and Support

***IMPORTANT: This program is for the Students who have already signed up for Positive Psychology Practitioner Certification [Level 1]. Please watch the free lecture “Course Prerequisite, Organization, and Introduction” if you are not sure if this program is for you!

Upon completing this course, students can apply for a complimentary LSA Certificate  (12-B.4 Only The Applicant in Good Standing can be approved by the LSA Application Review Board). Provider Number: 776727

This Udemy course is Globally Accredited and comes with an opportunity to apply for optional Continued Professional Development / Continued Education Credit Hours (CPD/CE) and Professional LSA Certification. Details regarding requesting your official certification and CPD/CEU credit hours will be provided at the end of the course.

JOIN OUR > 70,000 HAPPY STUDENTS from 174 COUNTRIES who have already taken our Udemy courses and given us over 6,000 5-STAR REVIEWS!

As a Prominent Leader in Online Learning and the Authority Figure in the field of Positive Psychology, Happiness, Leadership, and Human Flourishing, your instructor, Braco Pobric, is actively involved in this fantastic community of happier people and does his best to answer all the questions within 48 hours.

You will also have FREE access to a private positive psychology/leadership coaching community network with over 3,000 active life coaches from all over the world and FREE one-on-one mentoring/coaching where you can be coached by one of our Certified Coaches or practice positive psychology skills and receive valuable credit hours. The coaches within this network have either completed or are completing one of the Life Success Academy certification programs.

*In addition to the course content students should be prepared to study and practice the material for a minimum of 60-course hours. 

If you answer YES, to any of the following statements, this Accredited course, Certified Positive Psychology Coach (CPPC)  is for you:

  • I am a Coach already but want to introduce new Scientifically proven and Field-Tested tools to help my clients become happier, improve their overall wellbeing, and increase their chance of a successful life.

  • I am interested in becoming a coach but can’t afford to pay a high price for a Certification Program

  • I have a Passion for Helping Others and want to learn the tools that Professional Life Coaches are using

  • I have a Certification in Positive Psychology and want to learn Positive Psychology and other Authentic Happiness Coaching Tools

  • I am a Licensed Therapist (Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Counselor, etc.) and want to use tools from Positive Psychology to help me help my clients in their journey of a long term happiness  

  • I am a Single Mom struggling with life and cannot afford to hire a coach but want to help myself become happier

  • I am a Business Professional and want to help my team members apply their strengths at work and improve their relationships which in turns will help them become even more successful

  • I already have my Clients but looking for “Coaching Ready Forms” I can print and use with my clients immediately.

  • I am a Small Business Owner and want to learn coaching skills to help my employees increase their productivity

  • I already know a lot about Life Coaching but want to learn Authentic Happiness Life Coaching Skills

About this course:

  • Fully Accredited CPD / CE Program by the CPD Standards

  • The Most Comprehensive Authentic Happiness Accredited Online Life Coach Certification providing 8 Major Positive Psychology Coaching Modules that include coaching tools and forms ready to be used for client’s Happiness, Strengths, Optimism, Mindfulness, Goals, Relationships, Gratitude, Resilience and Purpose, and Habit

  • Over 175 Lectures

  • Over 10 Hours of On-Demand Video

  • Over 30 downloadable Coaching Forms ready to be used

  • Over 40 articles and Research papers

  • 5 Books Provided as Supporting Material

  • Many Learning and Reflection Assignments

  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free

  • Regular free surprise bonuses to help you change your habits and become even happier!

At the end of this course, you will be able to help your clients:

  • Become Authentically Happier

  • Improve their Personal and Business Relationships

  • Become even More Confident

  • Stop Chasing Happiness and look for an Authentic Happiness that includes all the human emotions

  • Focus on what they really want in life (not what others want from them)

  • Understand their strengths and apply it appropriately

  • Learn and apply many tools from the Science of Positive Psychology toolbox 

  • Understand,  learn and apply basic mindfulness techniques 

  • Set their Goals with happiness in mind

  • Set the right goals and achieve them easily 

  • Learn and apply self-confidence tools set 

  • Become even more optimistic

  • Improve many areas of their life including physical, financial, career, etc.  

  • Choose One or More Habits THEY Want To Change and help them change it

  • Become even more Spiritual (if they decide so)

  • Make the Necessary Steps to Change Their Habits

  • Increase Will Power and Self Confidence

  • Release Their Own Happy Chemical

  • Become Happier

  • Succeed in Any Habit Formation

  • Introduce New Routines

  • And much more…

The course will cover the scientifically proven methods and tools to help your clients understand and practice

  • Happiness with all the Research-Based Tools Provided Here

  • Results-Oriented Interventions / Tools

  • Happiness Model and Specific Recommendations How to Apply it in Their Life

  • Focus on what they really want

  • Strengths and how to define what they really good at

  • To Be in “The Zone” – Engagement / Flow

  • Mindfulness Tools

  • Optimism – How to Become even more Optimistic and how that knowledge and application can help them live a longer, happier and healthier life

  • Goal settings with a Different twist

  • Improving Their Relationships with everyone they meet and in turn, Become Happier

  • Different Mindfulness and Mindlessness techniques to Improve Their Life

  • Resilience – Learn and Apply Top 10 Characteristics of Resilience People

  • Happy People and Success.  Is there a connection here?

  • And much more


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Before We Get Started

About Braco Pobric and his Teaching Style
Meet the Publisher: LSA Marketplace Division
Certificate Options
How to Get Additional Help While Going through this Program?


Course Prerequisite, Organization, and Introduction
Setting Up the Expectations
Your Expectations
To Help You Get Most of out of This Course
Coaching Modules Prerequisites
Coaching Forms
Exercise and the Assignments


Assignments are great way for you to practice, and reflect on the course material. Please be aware that your Instructor, Braco Pobric will not be responding directly to your Assignment. If you have any question about the program, assignments, or anything else discussed here please post your question in the Q and A portion of this course and your Instructor will post an answer usually within 48 hours.

In this program you will find number of different assignments. Assignments are a great way to apply your knowledge and improve the skills you’ve learned, without exiting the course! If you wish, you can also learn from fellow students by receiving feedback on your assignments, or by sharing your thoughts on theirs.

Completing an Assignment

Assignments are posted in the curriculum of the course. Just like lectures, you can begin an assignment by clicking on it in the curriculum accessible from the left hand side in the video player, or on the course dashboard in the Course Content section.

Please note: currently assignments are not supported on the mobile app. To take and complete an assignment, open the lecture in a desktop or laptop computer.

With gratitude,

Your Instructor,


Following Course Structure While Coaching
Program Resources

PPP: Let's Review Module 1 from PPP: Happiness - Introduction to Positive Psyc

PPP - Introduction to Module 1
PPP-Chasing Happiness and Why Are You Happy Today
PPP-Exercise and the Assignment: Chasing Happiness
PPP - What Authentic Happiness Means to You
PPP - What is Positive Psychology
PPP - History of Positive Psychology
PPP - Relation Between Happiness and Success
PPP - Exercise and the Assignment: Positivity Ratio
PPP - Let's Define Happiness
PPP - What Determines Happiness
PPP - What Neuroplasticity have to do with Happiness
PPP - The PERMA Happiness and Wellbeing Model: Part 1 of 2
PPP - The PERMA Happiness and Wellbeing Model: Part 2 of 2
PPP - Exercise and the Assignment: PERMA The Happiness Model
PPP - Flow: A Little Known Secret to Happiness
PPP - Exercise and the Assignment: FLOW - Define three things you can do to be..

Module 1: Coaching Happiness

Prepare for Your Coaching Clients: Coaching Opportunities - Form
Prepare for Your Coaching Client

Prepare for Your Coaching Client

Write Reflection Paper: PERMA The Happiness Model

Use the Q&A Section of the Program (or if you prefer skip this and go directly to the next Lecture / Assignment) to write down Reflection Paper based on the Happiness Model we learned earlier - PERMA by answering the following questions:

  • What do you do that increases your Positive Emotions?

  • What do you do that increases your Engagements?

  • What do you do that increases quality if your Relationships?

  • What do you do that brings more Meaning into your life?

  • What do you do that increases sense of Achievements? 

Reflection Paper
Coaching Exercise Based on PERMA

Looking back to the PERMA exercise, bring it now to your clients. Ask the same questions you asked yourself. Once you have the answers, find a way to help your client increase their PERMA.

  • What do you do that increases your Positive Emotions?

  • What do you do that increases your Engagements?

  • What do you do that increases quality if your Relationships?

  • What do you do that brings more Meaning into your life?

  • What do you do that increases sense of Achievements?

The Happiness Scale - Video Lecture
The Happiness Scale - Form
Life Domain Satisfaction - Video Lecture
Life Domain Satisfaction - Form

In this lecture we provide you with Life Domain Satisfaction Form.

PPP: Let's Review Module 2 from PPP: Strengths and Optimism

PPP - Introduction to Strengths and Optimism Module
PPP - Character Strengths
PPP - More on Strengths
PPP - Strengths: Self Efficacy Scale
PPP - Contribution of Happy People
PPP - Optimism and Longevity

Module 2: Coaching Strength

Strength Coaching Prerequisites
Rewrite Your Not So Happy Story - Video
Rewrite Your Not So Happy Story - Form
Strengths Use Scale - Video
Strength Use Scale - Form

The following questions ask you about your strengths – the things that you are able to do really well.

Respond to each statement using the scale bellow:

1. ______ I am regularly able to do what I do best

2. ______ I always play to my strengths

3. ______ I always try to use my strengths

4. ______ I achieve what I want by using my strengths

5. ______ I use my strengths every day

6. ______ I am able to use my strengths in lots of different situations

7. ______ I use my strengths to get what I want out of life

8. ______ My work gives me lots of opportunities to use my strengths

9. ______ My life presents me with lots of opportunities to use my strengths

10. ______ Using my strengths comes naturally to me

11. ______ I find it easy to use my strengths in the things I do

12. ______ Most of my times spent doing things that I am good at

13. ______ Using my strengths is something am familiar with

Strength Use Scale
Positivity Ratio - Form
Life Wheel Assessment Lecture

Module 3: Coaching Optimism

Introduction to Optimism Coaching Module
Prepare for the Session - Fill Out This Form Before the Session - Lecture
Prepare for the Session - Fill Out This Form Before the Session - Form
Door Closed Doors Opened - Lecture
Door Closed Doors Opened - Form
Sentence Completion Lecture
Sentence Completion Form
Reflection Paper: Sentence Completion
Learned Optimism Test

Learned Optimism Test 

(adapted from Dr. Martin Seligman's book, "Learned Optimism"


Learned Optimism Test 

(adapted from Dr. Martin Seligman's book, "Learned Optimism") and taken from stanford.edu

The Instructions: 

There are forty-eight (48) questions in this evaluation test. Take as much time as you need to answer each of the questions. On average, this test takes about fifteen minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. Do NOT read the analysis in "Learned Optimism" until after you have completed this test. 

Read the description of each situation and vividly imagine it happening to you. You have probably not experienced some of the situations, but that should not matter. Perhaps neither response will fit; bout go ahead and choose the cause likelier to apply to you. 

You may not like the way some of the responses sound, but don't choose what you think you should say or what would sound right to other people; choose the response you'd be likelier to have. 

PPP: Let's Review Module 3 from PPP: Goals

PPP - Introduction to Goals Module
PPP - Goals - Overview
PPP - Goals and FLOW
PPP - Kaizen Goals
PPP - Focus and Goals
PPP - Exercise: How Kaizen Goal Can Help?

Module 4: Coaching Goals

Goal Settings Coaching - Prerequisites and Introduction
Coaching Goals - Lecture
Coaching Goals - Form
Goals Motivator - Lecture
Goals Motivator - Form
Smart Goals - Lecture

PPP: Let's Review Module 4 from PPP: Relationships

PPP - Introduction to Relationships Module
PPP - Relationships and Happiness: Part 1
PPP - Relationships and Happiness: Part 2
PPP - Relationships Exercise - ACR

Module 5: Coaching Relationships

Module Prerequisites and Introduction
Introduction - Relationships Forms
What kind of Relationships Do You Have - Lecture
What kind of Relationships Do You Have - Form
Active Constructive Responding - Lecture
Active Constructive Responding - Form
Four Components of Thriving Relationships - Lecture
Four Components of Thriving Relationships - Form
Two Most Important Relationships - Lecture
Two Most Important Relationships - Form
Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support - Lecture

PPP - Let's Review Module 5 from PPP: Mindfulness

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