Business Fundamentals: Marketing Strategy


If you want to be a business owner or a corporate executive whose job involves business decisions, then you will certainly need to master three fundamental disciplines:

  • Business Strategy   

  • Management and Leadership   

  • Marketing Strategy

There is no way around that. It is possible to be an entrepreneur and a CEO with an engineering background and without an MBA or a business degree; what is not possible is being either of those things without having a clue about:

  • Building a Marketing plan

  • Conducting marketing research

  • Collecting primary data for marketing research

  • Performing client segmentation

  • Selecting a target customer group

  • Understanding the 4Ps of Marketing

  • Classifying a firm’s products

  • The importance of product branding

  • Subtleties of product packaging

  • Understanding the factors shaping product pricing

  • The right way to approach product pricing

  • Organizing product distribution

  • Setting up an effective promotional campaign

  • Working with the four Ps of Marketing in a dynamic environment

  • Establishing and Tracking KPIs

  • Calculating and monitoring Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding these topics will make a huge difference for you if you have decided to pursue a business-related career – be it as an entrepreneur or a corporate executive.   

This is why we created this course for you! Each of the topics listed above is explained in a clear and effective way and we make sure to provide plenty of practical examples that will help you reinforce what you have learned. These examples make it even more fun and easy to understand. In addition, we have prepared a ton of supplemental resources for you:  quiz questions with explanations, course notes, PDF files, and so on.   

So, what are you waiting for?

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