Get more Tips as a Waiter or Waitress and Increase Salary


This course will make you increase your tips as a waiter:

  • There are some simple tricks you can use from this point on to significantly raise the tip you get from your customers. No matter if you are a waitress, restaurant server, waiter, bartender in a restaurant, coffee shop or bar

  • It also works for every job that’s about getting tips in the catering trade, gastronomy, food service industry or the eatertainment business.

  • This means that you will earn more money and improve your overall financial situation. You will provide an even better experience for your customers is ultimately the most important aspect of your role as a waiter.

  • So you’ll not only increase your tips, but you’ll also build a positive reputation and attract more business for the house you’re working in. This, in turn, leads to promotions and raises from your boss to increase your salary as a waiter.

  • The course will lead you through several single tricks you can use to increase your gratuity from now on. These tricks proven by studies will bring your customers to tip you more often and higher amounts of tips.

  • You’ll learn about the psychology of tipping, how to build rapport with your customers, how to use body language and verbal cues to increase your tips.

  • We’ll also cover how to upsell and cross-sell and how small messages served to your customers make you hundreds of bucks every month.

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