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Do you feel frustrated when listening to English native speakers?

Is it super difficult to understand English native speakers for you?

Do you feel anxious or nervous when you try to communicate with English native speakers in a professional situation?

Well, I am here to tell you it is NOT YOUR FAULT … all the English you studied in high school or a private language school never prepared you correctly, they never teach the little secrets of speaking that help you understand and communicate with native speakers.

Normally it is necessary to spend years and years of listening to English and guessing, and trying to understand native speakers, this is a very slow and frustrating process for many people.

People feel very frustrated with this situation because in a professional situation it is very embarrassing, people feel worried about their professional credibility because of their English.

Work and jobs are more and more competitive in today’s world...

If you want to advance in your career and professional life and to be an important person in the company you need to be ready to communicate on the phone or in meetings with English native speakers.

if you can be the person in the room that is able to communicate in English professionally, you will probably have a 60% better Salary.


If you don’t understand the little English native speaker secrets…you will always have a disadvantage….

This course can help you learn the secret English native speaker contractions in just a few hours…

Normally people need 3 maybe 4 years to learn all the secrets but you can do it in 3 or 4 days!

I worked for years teaching people who work in companies…I spent years and years collecting all the “data” all the little secrets to help my students learn them quickly!

I developed my special RSS learning system that will transform your ability to understand fast English!

Rule : I will teach you the grammar rule in a clear simple way

Secret : I will teach you how English native speakers BREAK the rules when speaking

Shadow: With special “shadow” speaking and listening exercises in every video you have an opportunity to practice and train your listening skills

This course will make you the most important person in the company…you can start to think about promotions or better positions because after this course you will =

Understand natives when they speak quickly

– Feel confident to speak to English native speakers

– Feel more prepared for meeting and job interviews

– Feel more confident to speak on the telephone

– You will be able to understand your boss!

-Feel super confident in your grammar

– You will understand better Movies and Tv series in English

– Feel confident when travelling in airports and other cities


“This is an amazing course. I felt my oral English improved a lot. And I will definitely re-watch this course in the future to sharp my skills.”

“I loved so much. I recommend this course to everyone. İt contains great examinations. maybe best in their field.”

“When I started this course, I did not agree with Terry’s lessons, so I started watching some movies and I understood exactly what he was teaching. This course is awesome for intermediate to fluent levels, so if you’re into them, go ahead and you certainly will not regret it. Thank you Terry for creating and making this training available”

“it’s a really good course is incredible how the pronunciation make the sentence more shortest and easier”

“Hi, Teacher! I’ve bought here lots of really useful courses, but your English Speaking Course is the best! I like everything in it: your explanation, examples and patterns.Thanks to your course I’ve managed to overcome the speech barrier greatly! Thanks, Teacher!”

“This course is simply amazing. I’ve never felt so confident in speaking English. In just 10 days I hugely improved my speaking skills. I will definitely go trough this course again and again. There is so much treasure in it, and I am gonna collect it all ?? Terry’s approach is unique and I have never seen something similar. His way of teaching is really something that I have needed. I am really looking forward to take some other course from him. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve speaking skills. Besides a knowledge you will definitely get, you will also enjoy in Terry’s positive character”

“It was amazing for me because I have got more tips especially how to use want to, wanna, wanted and did wanna.”

“I really enjoyed this course, it was very useful and beneficial. I strongly recommend English students/ESL teachers and those who want to improve their English communication skills to enroll this course.”

“This course is awesome. I love all the contents of this course. So helpful. I love all the courses of Terry because the courses of Terry are always useful, well targeting. I make a lot of progresses. Terry is a great English teacher!!!! Dominique!”


What is it ?

It is a course to help you learn English speaking secrets super quickly and become the most important person in the room at meetings!

When can I expect results?

You will see results from the first lesson, after the first lesson you will already understand faster English.

Will I learn grammar?

This is a complete grammar course, in every lesson we have grammar, pronunciation and speaking in one lesson!

Will I learn speaking?

You will train your speaking and listening in the special RSS system, you will learn a powerful linguistic technique of shadowing and repeating to train your speak to super confidence!

How much time do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course!

What if I don’t like the course?

No problem! We have 30 day money back guarantee for all courses here on udemy, you can try the course to see if it is the right course for you!

This course will help students transform their intermediate English into advanced!

A complete step by step video guide to transforming their intermediate listening and English speaking from intermediate to advanced !

This course will help you become an advanced speaker of English – you will learn how to speak English fluently!

When English speakers speak quickly, they break the grammar rules !!!

In this course you will learn step by step how to use and understand these little contractions when you learn English.

FULL SUBTITLES AND CAPTIONS for complete course and PDF downloads for home study!

You will learn all the secrets to be able to speak English fluently and understand like a native speaker!

The course is very student focused and makes it easy to learn English. The videos all have practice exercises for you to train your English pronunciation and listening.

What will you learn with this course?

  • your English listening skills will improve dramatically

  • you will practice English speaking in structured exercises

  • you will feel more confident to speak English and communicate 

  • You will learn English intermediate grammar, including advanced conditionals

Who is the course for?

  • Students who are intermediate students but want to take the next step with English speaking

  • Students who are preparing to visit or study in an English speaking country

  • Students who are already living and working in an international environment and want to communicate in English fluently


Expert English teacher Terry Mc Gonigle has been teaching students from all over the world for 10 years in Language schools and online.

He has helped people from all over the world achieve success with their English, helping people get better jobs with their English or adapt to living in a new country.

Today he creates video materials for his online students who want to improve their English fluency.

This Course Also Comes With:

✔ Lifetime Access to All Future Updates and new videos added to the course

✔ Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

✔ A 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!


You will need to have intermediate English as the course is in 100% English.

complete captions and subtitles available for every video

The course will give you a complete review of the intermediate grammar as well as teaching you the secrets of spoken English.

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