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Life Coach Training Course: Introduction to Life Coaching

Life Coaching Introduction Course : Train to be a Life Coach and Start Your Own Life Coaching Business
Understand the differences between coaching, counselling, consulting and mentoring
Know the key responsibilities of a coach
Communicate effectively
Set goals and achieve them
Effectively use SMART and TGROW coaching models
Use coaching process for the purpose of self development

We are the World’s number one provider of Self Development and Arts Therapy Courses, with more than 180,000 students in 192 countries.

You will have everything you need to be up and running your own company, including all the resources necessary to be a successful life coach and stand out from your competitors.

Life Coaching Course: Online Life Coach Course Training

This life coaching course: online life coach training package, is the first in the series of life coaching courses from Libby Seery.  It covers all aspects of life coaching and so makes it the perfect choice for those people wishing to train as a life coach, as well as those people wishing to set up their own life coaching practice.  Equally though, it is perfect for those who wish to use life coaching as a self development tool, in order to reach one’s full potential.

This life coaching course: online life coach training package, comes with unparalleled support from the course creator, Libby Seery, and she’s available 7 days a week.

This life coaching course will provide you with many tools and techniques which will equip you with the skills necessary to become an effective communicator, ensuring you get the most from personal and professional relationships.

You’ll learn how to set goals and how to achieve them with the aid of the SMART and TGROW coaching models.

This life coaching course: online life coach training package, provides everything you need as all course materials are included as part of the course, including over forty downloadable resources, all of which are ready for you to upload your own company logo to, and personalise as your own.


Enrolling on one of our life coaching courses will provide you with a solid understanding of life coaching. You will cover many practical exercises as well as mastering tools, techniques and the skills required too fast track your career and increase your earning potential.

Start today and help change people’s lives with a brand new rewarding career in life coaching.



The demand for professional life coaches is on the rise. There has been a huge increase in the amount of sporting professionals and celebrities securing the services of life coaches. Even more encouraging though, is the amount of people in mainstream public, wanting to work with life coaches.

Do you possess the qualities of a life coach? Have you ever considered a career in coaching? Have you ever considered life coach training? Have you ever considered the benefits of being self employed?

So, what are the benefits of being a self employed life coach? For instance, did you know:

  • A life coaching business can have few overheads if ran effectively.

  • Studying in one of our life coaching courses, provides you with everything you need including a life coach certification on completion. As a life coach, you’ll get paid for helping people achieve their targets, goals and dreams.

  • After completing your life coach training, you’ll be your own boss.

  • Enrolling on one of our life coaching courses, will enable you to make a real difference to peoples’ lives, and of course, your own.

  • All of our life coaching courses have been developed so that everyone can benefit and make significant changes to their personal and professional lives – even complete beginners.

  • If you’ve already had some experience in life coach training, but have not yet made the transition into this new rewarding career, one of our life coaching courses will make the difference to your confidence and skill sets.

All of our life coaching courses are designed specifically for:

  • Those people wishing too fast track their career in this field and increase their earning potential.

  • For people who are interested in self help, self development and life coach training.

  • For anyone who wants to train and earn a life coach certification.

This life coaching course: online life coach training package, includes:

  • Coaching, Counselling, Consulting and Mentoring

  • The Key Responsibilities of a coach

  • Listening Skills

  • Questioning

  • Wheel Of Life

  • Albert Mehrabian Model

  • Matching and Mirroring

  • Clean Language: Its Use In Coaching

  • Passive Aggressive Assertive Model of Communication

  • How Assertive Are You?

  • Feedback

  • Administration

  • Conclusion

The course is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand.

Life Coaching Course – Introduction

About Me

Coaching, Counselling, Consulting and Mentoring – Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources

Welcome to this section, which is the home of all your downloadable resources. The course has over 40 in total and have all been created with you in mind.

They have been left blank and are ready for you to upload your own logo and company details, truly making them your own!

Coaching, counselling, consulting and mentoring

Explaining the differences & summary of differences.

The Basics

The key responsibilities of a coach

We take a closer look at the key responsibilities of a coach.

Listening skills

Effective listening skills are imperative - not only for the coaching process, but for successful relationships in general.


We look at the importance of questioning and how we can use this skill to get the most from our clients.

Coaching Models

T–GROW coaching model

T-GROW is one of the models we study in this life coaching course. Here you will learn what the acronym stands for in T-GROW along with some effective questions to complement this wonderful model for goal achievement.

The SMART model

The second coaching model we study in this life coaching course.

Again, it is an excellent tool to use for goal setting, and we've included an exercise to complement your learning.

Wheel of life

The wheel of life is probably the most important tool a life coach can have in their toolkit.

Communication & Passive Aggressive Assertive Exercise

Albert Mehrabian model

Learn more about this model of communication, and why the words we choose, are only a small percentage of what we are saying!

Matching and mirroring

This life coaching course is great for learning about the art of communication. Here we continue with that theme, and learn about 'mirroring and matching'.

Clean language

More on communication and 'clean language'.

Passive, aggressive, assertive exercise

This life coaching course is designed to be an excellent self development tool. Here you can explore how you fair in this exercise.

How did you get on?

How did you get on with the exercise?

How assertive are you?

This life coaching course has a number of great exercises. Here's another, designed to explore how assertive you are.

Communication Quiz



Learning to give good feedback is an essential skill as a life coach.

Administration & Conclusion


This lecture covers all the administration that a coach might be concerned with. We've also included The Data Protection Act which covers the responsible handling of personal information, as well as client contracts and coaching session logs.


This final lecture is a round up of all we've learned! We hope you've enjoyed the course, and join us for another one of our courses soon!




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