Personal Development Life Coaching Certification: Accredited



Learn How To Become An Accredited Personal Development Coach, Work With Clients And Grow Your Life Coaching Business

Hi, I’m Felix Harder, personality development coach. My Personal Self Development Coaching Certification is designed for anyone who wants to coach others about personal development, personal transformation and self improvement.

In this course, I will take you through the process of becoming a coach step by step. You will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of good coaching techniques and exercises and how to design an action plan for you or your clients. 

Researching and gathering all the knowledge you need to coach others takes a lot of time, so I created this course as a complete program to teach you everything there is to know about the 3 steps to become a personal self development coach:

1. Learn about the theory of personal development

2. Use proven strategies and techniques that are based on scientific research

3. Understand how to work with clients and apply these strategies in your coaching business

>>>Here Is What’s Inside The Program<<<


  • What It Is & How It Works

  • Big 5 Personality Traits

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator: How To Use It Correctly

  • How To Excel As An Introvert / Extrovert


  • How To Find Your Life Purpose Right Now

  • The Venn Diagram Method

  • The Deathbed Scenario

  • How To Transition To A Purpose Driven Life


  • What Everybody Gets Wrong About Motivation

  • How To Avoid The 6 Most Dangerous Motivation Killers

  • Don’t Try To Control Your Thoughts: Guide Them Instead


  • How To Use Power Of Goals To Transform Your Life

  • How To Set SMART Life Goals

  • The Right Expectation Management

  • How To Track Your Goals Correctly


  • Why Habits Are The True Secret To Success

  • How To Build Habits Fast

  • How To Stack Multiple Habits


  • How To Diet & Exercise Correctly For Personal Development

  • How To Live A More Balanced Life

  • How To Make Positive Lifestyle Changes


  • How To Build Stronger Relationships

  • How To Improve Office Relationships

  • How To Save A Broken Friendship

  • How To Deal With Stress In A Romantic Relationship


  • How To Ask The Right Questions

  • How To Build Rapport With Your Client

  • The GROW Coaching Model Explained


This course will give you all the tools you need to help others achieve their personal transformation goals, be it to be more successful, live healthier or simply live a more balanced life. If you want to build up your online coaching business, be it online or in person it’s important you equip yourself with the knowledge of how to correctly work with your students and understanding their painpoints.

The life coaching course and life coaching certification is designed to develop both your personal and professional life. That means it’s not just for professionals but also for beginners who want to imporve their own (mental) health. You don’t have to have to be a coach / therapist / life coach or have any students yet.

All you need is an interest in the field to get started.

The program is made up of multiple downloadable worksheets, eBooks and other printable resources. If you sign up you get access to all of them so you can study anywhere and at any time

So If You Want To Coach Others And Make Personal Development Your Career, This Is The Right Course For You



Enroll yourself now for a one-time fee and:

  • Lifetime access to all the course content (videos, workbooks, downloadable resources etc.)

  • Includes all future course updates – free

  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee – no risk


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