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Rewrite Your Life Story Script and Transform Your Life

Empower Your Identify, Rewire Your Beliefs and Boost Your Self-Confidence Using Neuroscience, Psychology, CBT and TA
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Understand where their life story came from, why it matters, and that IT CAN BE CHANGED
Identify limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and release them
Find meaning and purpose in challenging life experiences
Create a compelling future for their lives
Live in alignment with their true, authentic self
Transcend the story of their past and consciously create their destiny

***If you would be interested in becoming a Life Story Coach, we have a certification version of this course available. It contains ALL of the content of this course, plus coach training.***

Life truly is what we make of it. The stories we tell can either liberate us or enslave us.


We are all natural story-tellers and are constantly telling ourselves and others stories about our lives. But, our life stories are more fiction than fact. We believe they are real, but they’re only loosely based on what actually happened. They are muddied by our interpretations, the people who influenced us, our limited memories, and the meaning we ascribed to each event. Usually, these stories are unconscious; they are deeply ingrained into our psyche through years of repetition. We tell stories about who we are and what happened to us. We tell stories about others, We tell stories about life.


But these stories aren’t who we are. Most of them aren’t even true. We continue to tell them out of habit. And continuing to carry them around will perpetuate those stories into our future.


But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Studies have proven that even subtle tweaks to our story can shift our attitude, improve our self-confidence, and redirect our futures. We may not be able to change the past, but we can change how we see it, the story we tell, and therefore how it affects us and who we become.


By changing how see the past, we can better envision a compelling future. When we find the blessings contained within the curses of our past, we tell our story from a new perspective, and are able to see current and future challenges as opportunities.


The activities and tools you will use to transform your life are based on a foundation of neuroscience, psychological principles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Transactional Analysis.


This course is designed to walk you through the process of:


  • Identifying your life story and where it came from


  • Questioning the underlying beliefs that form your story and identity


  • Look at your story of the events of your life with a new, empowered perspective


  • Re-write your life story or life script


  • Create lasting change and live in alignment with the higher truth of who you are


  • Feel confident and powerful, stepping forward into a compelling future free of past pain and limitations   

    So, are you ready to transform your life and rewrite your life story? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!


    Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.  

    This course is taught by three experts in the fields of life coaching, personal development, psychology and psychoanalysis. Our varied experience and perspectives add depth and variety to the program. Instructors Joeel & Natalie Rivera run Transformation Services, Inc in Florida, United States. They have over a decade in the life coaching field. The have a background in social services, psychology, education and as entrepreneurs. Joeel has a Masters’ in Counseling and is completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus on happiness. 

Libby Seery is the founder of Renaissance Life Therapies, located in London, England. She is a counselor, psychotherapist, and therapeutic life coach. Between the three of us, we have over 700,000+ students from 200 countries around the world.

We all look forward to supporting you along your journey to fulfillment and alignment with your best self. See you in the course!


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Introducing Life Stories and Instructors


Welcome! Watch a quick introduction to life stories, whey they matter, and what this means as a coach.

What is a Life Story?

Our life stories are developed without us even knowing it as we grow up and live life according to our belief systems and identity. This story shapes how we see the world and our future, and therefore determines what we do and how life unfolds. Find out more!

Life Stories from the Perspective of Transactional Analysis

Here is where we look at a life story from the perspective of Transactional Analysis

Life Stories from the Perspective of Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy

Here is where we look at a life story from the perspective of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Natalie's Story, an Example

Meet Natalie Rivera and hear how her life story has evolved.

Joeel's Story, an Example

Meet Joeel Rivera and hear how his life story has evolved.

A Note from Libby

Learn more about why I have chosen to use a specific medium to create my lectures.

Libby's Story: an Example

Hear a little bit about my own personal story of how my life began and what my life story first looked like

Questions, Resources and Meet the Instructors

The Psychology of Identity: How Do Stories Get Written?

The Big "Why"

Before beginning the process of understanding and rewriting your life story, it's important to know WHY you are doing it.

Conformity and Social Influences

Learn how our beliefs and stories are influenced by the people around us and other influences in our environment.

Influences of Peers, Media and Social Responsibility

Here we cover the influence of other factors and their impact on our life story.  In particular we look at at the influences of peers, the media and social responsibility

Understanding Schemas

Develop an understanding of how the brain organizes information and why you need to understand this in order to change your story.

Conditioned Beliefs

Understand how we develop patterns of behavior and belief over time because of reinforcement for our behaviors.

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance

Learn how to get past the discomfort of doing new things.

Understanding Confirmation Bias

Find out why your brain is constantly trying to prove you right, how this can get in your way, and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Memory Impacts Your Story

Learn about how our memories work and why this is vital for understanding how our life stories are formed in our mind.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Submodalities & Re-coding

Learn how NLP submodalities can be used to change internal representations of memories and re-code the way they are stored, which changes the experience we have when we recall those memories.

Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis

Explore fascinating science that shows us that not only our stories and beliefs can be change but that our BRAINS are changed too!

The Four Life Position of Transactional Analysis

In this lecture we look at the four life positions of Transactional Analysis sometimes known as the OK Matrix

Identifying Your Life Story

Identifying Your Life Movie Script (IMPORTANT)

IMPORTANT! This lecture and activity are a key to this life story process. This is where you will be writing out your "old" story in the format of a movie script. You will be revisiting this activity near the end of the course.

Identity: Archetypes

Explore 12 Jungian Archetypes such as "The Hero" and "The Sage" to determine core aspects of your personality and identity.

Other Identities

Explore common aspects of identity, such as poverty and victim, and develop a deeper understanding of your self.

Personalities and Ego States

In this lecture we learn more about Transactional Analysis with a closer look at personalities and ego states

Identifying Hidden Beliefs

There beliefs you hold that you aren't aware of because they are operating below your awareness... learn how to identify them and take away their power!

What Has Shaped Your Life Story?

In this lecture, we look at what has helped shape your life story

Identifying the Negatives

Here we take a look at identifying the negatives in relation to your life story

Questioning Your Beliefs

This lecture and activity give you an opportunity to dig deep into your beliefs, determine what they are, if you truly believe them, and how to release the limiting ones.

Thinking Traps and Balanced Alternatives

In this lecture we look at negative thinking traps that we fall into and how we can change them to more balanced alternatives

Identifying Negative Core Beliefs

In this lecture we take a look at how we can identify negative core beliefs

Rewriting Your Life Story

Releasing Attachment to Your Story

You are attached to your old story, that's why you keep it around. Discover the benefits you receive from your problems so that you can get honest with yourself and let them go.

The Power of Pain and Pleasure

We are all moving toward pleasure or away from pain. This activity will
help you associate enough pain to NOT making life changes and enough
pleasure TO making those changes that you'll be highly motivated to
follow through!

Accepting What Is

Sometimes what IS does not fit will with your beliefs about what "should" be, and so you ignore, deny, or repress it. Learn how facing the truth can set you free.

What Do You Want to Change?

Here we take a look at exactly it is you want to change in order to rewrite your life story

Reframing Your Story

Reframing your story means looking at the experiences of you life from a new perspective. Doing this activity is the key to being able to discover the blessings hidden within the curses.

Uncovering the Lies Activity

Powerful activity that helps you identify the negative lies your inner critic tells you and the replacing them with the truth of who you are through positive affirmations.

Changing Your Beliefs

Powerful exercise to dismantle limiting beliefs and replace them with new, empowering ones.

Identifying What You WANT

In order to rewrite your new story, you have to know what you WANT in your life. This activity helps you identify your true desires and empowers you to dream big!

The ABC Model

The ABC model is an effective method to use in helping rewrite your life story

The Rubber Band

The Rubber Band is a technique taken from Transactional Analysis that helps with disconnecting from negative associations

Winners, Non-Winners and Losers

This is another technique taken from Transactional Analysis 

Rewriting Your Life Movie Script (IMPORTANT)

Now that you've evaluated your beliefs and identity, it's time to rewrit your movie script from your new perspective.

LIVING Your New Life Story

The Circle of Control

It's important to identify what IS and is NOT within your power to control or influence so that you can use your energy toward what will make the biggest difference in your life.

Willpower: Removing Cues & Triggers

Willpower or self-control is NOT enough! In order to be able to create change you must understand the cues and triggers that keep you in your old patterns and habits so that you can change them.

Exposure Therapy

In this lecture we explore exposure therapy in a gentle controlled way

Creating a Reward System

Help yourself follow through by rewarding yourself along the way.

Making Life Changes that Reflect Your New Story

Now that you've determined what you want your new life story to be, it's time to identify what changes you need to make in order to LIVE that new story.

Putting the Changes into Practice

Now it's time to put these changes into practice.

Accepting Other People's Stories

It's important to be able to apply what you've learned to your ability to empathize and accept other people's stories.

Finalizing Your Transformation

Summary: Using CBT & TA to Rewrite Your Life Story

This is a short summary of how you can use Transactional Analysis and CBT effectively to help rewrite your life story

Symbolic Release Ceremony

Create a symbolic ceremony for yourself to signal to your brain that you have released your old life story and are ready to step forward into the new!

CPD and Diploma Instructions
Bonus: Additional Resources You Don't want to Miss
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